Sasha Banks Salary Intentionally Revealed On Social Media?

WWE Star Sasha Banks Salary Intentionally Revealed On Social Media?

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Sasha Banks has taken her role as a villain to a whole new level ever since returning to WWE, this past summer. She is basically transformed into a pampered child-like persona where she performs in the company only for money and not for the fans. During last night’s live event from Madison Square Garden, she reminded the fans the same with a surprising tweet.

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The former WWE Raw women’s champion let the fans speculating on Twitter today via a tweet. It was a reminder about returning to the road on the occasion of the annual post-Christmas WWE live event tour. Sasha Banks commented on getting out of bed for $250,000. She also thanked the WWE On FOX Twitter account for a bonus.

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This might be a legit indication from the ‘Legit Boss’ that she is thanking FOX for a WWE additional paychecks. She might be receiving those pay raises due to WWE’s lucrative TV deals with FOX and NBCUniversal. However, there’s no confirmation on the additional payments for Bayley’s buddy as she stated the following,

“I guess I’ll get out of bed for $250,000! #WWEHolidaytour #YoureWelcome Btw thank you @WWEonFOX for the bonus [face throwing kiss emoji]”

Back in late September, it was surfaced that Sasha Banks has signed a new WWE contract before coming back to action and enter the Raw women’s title picture. She went into a hiatus following WrestleMania 35 and was said to be unhappy. Later, Vince McMahon reportedly handled the situation to make an improvement and make her ready for a return.

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There’s still no confirmed details are available on Sasha Banks’ WWE contract. But since returning, she often tweeted “thank you” aka gratitude messages to Vince McMahon hinting how The Boss improved her financial situation. But it was not confirmed by any outlets whether the claiming in payrise is true or she is just faking it for the betterment of her character.

As of now, Sasha Banks is in the middle of a quite personal rivalry on SmackDown against Lacey Evans. She is expected to join the show when the latter one discusses the rivalry on the premiering talk-show over on FOX Network.