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Seth Rollins has been a true workhorse in the WWE in terms of leading the Monday Night Raw brand as the world heavyweight champion. As a top babyface star of WWE’s flagship show, he defended the title, regularly on Raw, PLEs, house shows as well as on NXT for that matter. This allowed the champion of the red brand to set a record and overtake his contemporary on Smackdown.

Counting his victory over Drew McIntyre on the December 26 WWE MSG live event, Seth Rollins overtook Roman Reigns in the number of title defenses in their respective ongoing reigns.

Since August 2020, Roman Reigns defended the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on 54 occasions. On the other hand, Seth Rollins defended the World Heavyweight Championship 55 times. This means the latter champion overtook the undisputed champion in just merely six months’ time.

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Back in May of 2023, Seth Rollins had a career-defining moment when he emerged victorious against AJ Styles, securing the World Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions and earning the distinction of becoming its inaugural champion. While closing in 2023, he also joined Cody Rhodes and Dominik Mysterio as the only 3 wrestlers in WWE to have over 100 matches in 2023.

Seth Rollins topped the prestigious PWI 500 list in 2023

Plus, The Visionary is the only superstar to have wrestled in each of the PLEs held by the WWE in 2023. That being said, he was indeed the rightmost choice to have graced the top spot on the PWI 500 list.

WWE has been buzzing with CM Punk’s return at the Survivor Series Premium Live Event, an aspect that has already increased WWE’s stock considering the records he broke after his return. Seth Rollins was someone who openly reflected his hatred toward the returning one and now the two are expected to lock horns at Wrestlemania 40.

Speaking in an interview on WWE Raw, Seth Rollins was asked to share his true feelings about CM Punk and he was enraged while talking about the former WWE Champion,

“Ooof, I don’t know, man. We have a long road to get to that point. It’s been ten years of him doing the opposite of him earning my respect. I had a lot of respect for this guy. I put him on a pedestal in a lot of ways, and for me, he was the epitome of don’t ever meet your heroes because they’ll always disappoint you. That’s what it’s been for me for the last ten years, just a series of disappointments, over and over and over.”

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