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Vince McMahon forced his way to the board of WWE Directors that not only shocked the pro wrestling world but also forced his daughter Stephanie McMahon to step down from the CEO post. This created a lot of changes in the corporate stage of the WWE where Vince instantly fired a few and hired people with a good impression of him. At present, Nick Khan remains the only CEO of the WWE.

For obvious reasons, Stephanie McMahon wasn’t happy with the change of regime and it take much time for her to step down from her position as Co-CEO. A new regime was supposed to be implemented for a long-term basis under her and Triple H alongside Nick Khan but things changed within just six months as The Boss wanted to make a comeback to the board to possibly sell the company.

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Stephanie McMahon Didn’t Need Money Or Job To Stay With WWE 1

Rumors are swirling about why Stephanie McMahon decided to resign from her position, and it suggests that she didn’t like the way her father bulldozed his way into the regime which must have had the intention to degrade her position.

Stephanie McMahon Reportedly Forced To Leave WWE Board Of Directors

Stephanie McMahon didn’t want to lose her actual position in the WWE

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has recently reported that the story going around is that The Billion Dollar Princess decided to quit the company because she knew that a demotion was coming upon her father’s comeback. She didn’t necessarily need a job with WWE and it was in her best interest that she decided to leave,

“The story internally as to why Stephanie McMahon really left is that, and this comes from those unhappy that she left, is that she had done a great job thrown into the co-CEO role, and with Vince back, was about to be demoted and basically she doesn’t need the money or the job and had already decided last year to take a leave anyway. Of course the difference between a leave and staying on the Board, and a full break and leaving the Board, indicates this was a lot stronger move.”

Stephanie McMahon Didn’t Need Money Or Job To Stay With WWE 2

It was added that prior to Vince McMahon’s return to WWE, the senior McMahon, and Nick Khan already had a deal in place to sell WWE. This deal was obviously set up in a way where they can be very happy, financially. Now that it seemed that a sale is indeed approaching, there was no need for Stephanie McMahon in the company, in the first place.

Meltzer also noted that the female executive did neither need the money nor the job and this is the reason that she previously decided to leave in mid-2022. But this time, the leave is permanent as the WWE doesn’t require her services, anymore.

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