Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals His Favorite Opponent In WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals His Favorite Opponent In WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin
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Perhaps the most colorful rivalry of all-time in WWE history is the one that Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock have had over the span of multiple years. This has made the Attitude Era famous for being a phase that hardcore wrestling fans believe to be the best one. Plus, the two titans have also put WWE on the global map with their stardom.

They would eventually go on to feature in three WrestleMania encounters that no other franchise players haven’t done before. During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin looked back on the final match against The Rock which was also his final wrestling match at WrestleMania XIX in 2003.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals His Favorite Opponent In WWE 1

The Texas Rattlesnake was asked by Kelly to disclose what The Rock whispered into his ear after the match. Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed that his greatest rival thanked him for everything he did to elevate The Brahma Bull’s career. In reply, Austin shared that the feeling is mutual for him.

“Rock and I headlined three WrestleManias together, which nobody has ever done. And he knew that after that match, I was going to retire and ride off into the sunset. And he knew that I didn’t want to retire but I had some nerve and neck issues that [forced me] to get out of the business.”

“After the three count, after he pinned me following three Rock Bottoms, he told me, ‘man, I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me. I just want to know I love you, man,” revealed Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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“And I’m laying there, with 70,000 people going crazy, and I remember looking up at him and saying, ‘I love you, too.’ Verbatim.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin shared a great rapport with The Rock

The legendary superstar then also gave insight into the real-life equation he had with The Great One in the WWE. They shared the same locker room and almost left the company at the same time while feuding at the same time, making people believe about a hear existing between them. But that wasn’t the case as the two had great respect for each other during their time together in WWE.

“Rock and I had been great friends from the moment he came into the company, and we turned our relationship into a rivalry,” said Stone Cold Steve Austin. “And at many times, regardless of who was playing the good or bad guy, we always had a great friendship, and a lot of respect and love for each other.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals His Favorite Opponent In WWE 2

Austin also emphasizes the fact how The Rock has always his favorite opponent inside the squared circle which is quite predictable.

“The Rock was always my favorite opponent because he brought out the best in me, and I brought out the best in him. And when you put the two No. 1 guys in there together, magic happens.”

While we can still expect The Rock to come back to action for one last time for a match against Roman Reigns, Stone Cold Steve Austin is done with his in-ring career after suffering a neck injury. He has never been in competition since 2003.