The Rock Not Happy With His Final WWE Match Against John Cena?

The Rock Not Happy With His Final WWE Match Against John Cena?

The Rock
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The Rock was under speculation for a long time in the WrestleMania context although he hasn’t wrestled in a very long time. With WrestleMania previously scheduled in Hollywood, the belief was that he could be wrestling in his farewell match. So he’s still in very high demand considering there are high hopes of an eventual WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns.

That match isn’t happening this year, at least. There’s always the possibility that WWE could work something out for him in the upcoming days to make the dream match, happen. An additional benefit would be the fact that The Rock may haven’t been happy with his final full-time match in the WWE. So he would obviously be interesting to re-write the history if and when needed.

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The Rock Not Happy With His Final WWE Match Against John Cena? 1

During a recent PW Insider Elite Audio, Mike Johnson was asked if The Rock will ever wrestle again amid all the discussions around him. Johnson believes that the former WWE franchise player will eventually wrestle again because he doesn’t want to end his career to end in a way it did against John Cena at WrestleMania 29.

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“Unless he ends up so busy where taking part in a match for a WrestleMania could potentially destroy an entire large scale film project, I would think we’ll see at least one more Rock match.”

“I don’t think he wants his last bout to be the second Cena match where he was hurt. I look at Roman Reigns and the idea of Roman taking on and beating Rock seems like the perfect last moment for Rock, but we will see.”

The Rock wrestled hurt against John Cena

The Rock Not Happy With His Final WWE Match Against John Cena? 2

It should be noted that The Great One was hurt while delivering his last match against John Cena at Mania 29 in 2013. The Rock’s actual last match in WWE was a very short one against Erick Rowan at WrestleMania that he won in just six seconds. Even beating the Wyatt Family member in record seconds might not befitting enough for a legend like him to sign off.

Dwayne – The Rock – Johnson has a ton of projects in the pipeline which would be the biggest bar for him to come back in the WWE for one last match. Getting involved in a physical capacity in WWE would certainly put a hindrance in some of those plans, especially if he gets injured in the process.

Only time will tell whether WWE would be able to secure the most electrifying man in sports entertainment for one last match, two years down the road when WrestleMania goes Hollywood in 2023.