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Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most popular professional wrestlers. His gimmick might be an all-time favorite to the WWE Universe and in times when WWE TV ratings had tanked, he appeared to be a valid name in upping that. While he doesn’t have any intentions to make a comeback on WWE TV on a weekly basis, the idea of competing in more matches can’t be ruled out.

After staying out of action in the WWE for almost two decades, Stone Cold Steve Austin came back to headline Wrestlemania 38 in his home state of Texas in 2022. Given the perfect shape that he’s been in since then, it was safe to assume for the fans that WWE must have instructed the legend to be ready for more future appearances. However, no such scenario was created for his return.

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In a recent interview with Marc Raimondi of ESPN, Stone Cold Steve Austin revisited that No Holds Barred Match against Kevin Owens from Wrestlemania 38 and identified areas where his performance could have been improved. However, he also deemed that notion shouldn’t drag him back to the wrestling ring, anytime soon,

“I said I’d never get in a ring again unless all the stars aligned. For some reason, somehow, they all did. At the age of 57, I headlined the first night of WrestleMania. I never thought I’d do that. If you’d have told me that when I retired in [2003], I’d have said, ‘You’re crazy.’ So I’m not gonna sit here and say no to anything because you never say never in this crazy business of sports entertainment.”

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Stone Cold Steve Austin finds pro-wrestling return to be addictive

Moving on in the conversation, Stone Cold Steve Austin further revealed that there’s this “never say never” aspect of professional wrestling that forces him to re-think his statement of not ever coming back to competition,

“You get a dose of it, and you want more. Here I am talking to you a couple years later about doing it again, that’s how addicting it is to me, just to talk about it. I get excited, and I’ll start talking too fast. But it’s not gonna happen. But it could.”

Last year, wild rumors on the internet claimed that WWE could be considering Stone Cold Steve Austin for one more wrestling match at Wrestlemania 40 in Philadelphia. However, Ringside News reached out to a tenured member of the creative team, and they were told that any report on the veteran featuring in another match was “FAKE NEWS.”

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