WWE Legend The Rock Buys $27.8 Million House In Beverly Hills

WWE Legend The Rock Buys $27.8 Million House In Beverly Hills

The Rock
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the busiest name in Hollywood and he racks up dollars via multiple projects. It appears that he wanted to present himself and his family with a lavish gift, recently. The Brahma Bull and his wife Lauren Hashian have purchased a Beverly Hills mansion last week, according to a report published on Bleacher Report.

As first reported by James McClain of Dirt.com, The Rock has recently acquired a 17,630-square-foot home from actor Paul Reiser, that worths $27.8 million. The mansion has six bedrooms, 11.5 bathrooms, a gym, a tennis court, and a baseball diamond. Now, that’s something that matches up to his biggest box office attraction status of Hollywood.

The new mansion’s location is in a gated community in the North Beverly Park area of Los Angeles, California. This must be helping out The Rock to work in Hollywood in the same state as he previously had a residency in Georgia. Some of his new famous neighbors include Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Rod Stewart, Eddie Murphy, and Sofía Vergara. You can check out a couple of photos of the new home, thanks to Zillow.

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image courtesy Zillow
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image courtesy Zillow

The Rock rumored to feature in a match against Roman Reigns

On the work front, movie projects are lined up for The Rock including rumors that he could likely be the one to take over The Terminator and The Predator franchise. This would be barring him from coming back to the WWE to have one last farewell match, possibly against cousin Roman Reigns, which has become a highly anticipated match over the past couple of years.

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The Rock’s Georgia mansion – image courtesy The Sun

The Head of the Table gimmick has become a big money draw in WWE who is nearly unbeatable. The Rock appears one of the high-profile names who want to feature in a bout against him.

While speaking with Give Me Sport, the Special Counsel of Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman boasted that he has a cell phone full of messages from top names looking for a run with his boss in WWE. The Rock was one name that he has in the inbox.

“If I could show you one day’s worth of text messages, emails and calls that come into my phone from some of the biggest superstars in sports and entertainment on this planet, it would blow your mind.

Crossover celebrities in their prime would love to step into a WrestleMania ring with Roman Reigns. It’s not just Dwayne Johnson. The Rock is just one of many.”