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The Rock is well on his way to Wrestlemania 40 where he would feature in a full-length match for the first time in over a decade. His involvement in the storylines has significantly enhanced the main event storyline featuring Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes for the Show of Shows.

As admitted by The Rock, he believes it was the best time to come back as a heel in the WWE. Last week, Cody Rhodes accepted the challenge laid out by the latter one’s challenge for him and Seth to set up the biggest tag team match of all time also featuring Roman Reigns. This match could essentially be the last for The People’s Champion for the time being.

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Going by the previous updates from PWInsider, The Attitude Era Legend will play the role of an MMA fighter in a forthcoming drama produced by A24, the same studio that found success with The Iron Claw chronicling the rise and fall of the Von Erich family. Named The Smashing Machine, this project won’t probably allow The Rock to make post-Wrestlemania 40 appearances.

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The Rock won’t possibly be available for WWE Summerslam

The theory was further confirmed by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter as The Rock will portray the role of the former MMA star Mark Kerr, based on a documentary of the same name. Due to his filming schedule, he will be unable to participate in any Premium Live Event matches until at least SummerSlam. Even before the show, it will be challenging for him to train for a match while being on set.

It was further noted that that while WWE believes this won’t be his last match, there is no set date for another match, as it depends on his movie schedule. But there is flexibility in his WWE contract, and he could potentially rearrange dates for a later appearance at a PLE,

It has been assumed by the source that at the earliest, The Rock could possibly have another match at the second Saudi Arabia show unless he chooses to wait until WrestleMania, next year.

”Johnson starts filming The Smashing Machine on 5/1. This rules him out of the May Saudi Arabia show and makes SummerSlam tough depending on the schedule. It could mean the earliest he could do another match would be the second Saudi Arabia show. And I could see him waiting for WrestleMania.”

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