How The Undertaker Knew His WWE Wrestlemania Streak Was Ending

How The Undertaker Knew His WWE Wrestlemania Streak Was Ending

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The Undertaker was pinned clean to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX which is much more than just a loss. Many of the fans still list that day as a black day as The Streak came to an end. One of the most shocking ever losses brought the same feeling for Taker as he hadn’t lost at the show of shows, until then.

The original plan was for him to continue that undefeated streak. But as always, Vince McMahon changed his mind at the eleventh hour which broke millions of fans’ hearts.

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During the Broken Skull Sessions, The Undertaker walked down through the memory lane with the host of the show, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said that Vince McMahon came to his dressing room, before the match which was very uncommon. The Deadman understood in that very moment that he had something important to inform him and unfortunately it was about The Streak.

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How The Undertaker Knew His WWE Wrestlemania Streak Was Ending

“When I got to the building that day, at that point, I was still going over, so the finish changed over the course of the day. And I knew– I’m sitting in my dressing room and I’m all by myself, just in my head going over the stuff I want to get done, what I’m trying to get across. And I see Vince come in, and as soon as I see him walk through the door, I knew; I knew. I knew why he was coming because it doesn’t happen, right? Vince doesn’t come to you. It’s usually if something needs to be done, he’s going to send somebody, ‘hey, Vince wants to see you. Can you see him in his office?’” The Undertaker continued.

“He came to my dressing room, and as soon as he walked through, I said, ‘I know the finish is getting changed.’ That’s what I’m thinking in my head. And, of course, he laid it out and he goes, ‘Mark, I’m going to put Brock over.’ And I’m like, ‘okay, are you sure?’ And he goes, ‘yeah, I think.’ He was half way trying to sell me on it, ‘if Brock doesn’t beat you, who’s going to beat you, right?’ And I’m thinking, ‘well, nobody, if the right guy doesn’t come along.’ Then, you don’t break it. Then, you have this piece of history that would be cool. But always in my head, I always figured in this business, at some point, they’re going to pull the card and ask for the favor, and that’s just the way it is.” (Quotes courtesy Wrestling Inc)

WrestleMania XXX was a huge night in New Orleans for the pro wrestling world as they were celebrating the YES Movement throughout that night. But in the end, it was The Undertaker who became the talk of the town after losing the most coveted streak in sports entertainment. The referee counted to three and Taker was handed his first loss on the grandest stage of them all by Lesnar.

How The Undertaker Knew His WWE Wrestlemania Streak Was Ending 2

Many including himself and his wife Michelle McCool does believe that it wasn’t necessary for Brock Lesnar to end The Streak. But Vince McMahon had a warm relationship with Taker and he didn’t ever deny anything to do. When McMahon decided to pull the trigger on the streak, he happily did so without questioning the decision.

The end of The Streak wasn’t the end of The Undertaker’s career, though. It happened, six years later against AJ Styles during the Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36. While The Phenome’s in-ring career is likely over now, there is still hope that Brock Lesnar could sign a big deal with WWE to find his way back to the company, eventually.

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