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Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 

Professional wrestling is always buzzing with various rumors. In fact, these rumors bring actual life and thrill to the world of Sports entertainment. Here are some rumors which came even there were no as such social media but if you heard the rumors now, you feel that those topics can easily top the trending list of today’s world.

A few of those rumors had come to end after acceptance or comments from that particular superstar whereas most of them still remain as a head scratching news for the WWE fans. Here the most shocking Rumors in the history of WWE.

 Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 1

Randy Savage dated teenager Stephanie McMahon

It’s quite curious that WWE had not inducted Macho Man Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame despite his great career and achievements and even if he passed away some years ago. Apparently the Rumor Mill has the answer as they say that Savage dated a 14-year-old Stephanie McMahon while having his top stint in WWE and when Vince McMahon came to know about this, he banished him from the company forever. Vince had not answered properly about Savage’s Hall of Fame induction recently which does support the rumor.

Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 2 

Lita’s wrestling “casting couch!”

After seeing Lita’s biography, it’s known to all that Lita had her training days in Mexico but what’s not known would come as a suggestion of the grapevine. It suggests that the Hall of Famer Diva used to do a sexual favor to the men whoever was willing to train her. The truth is still not known but since her dream of becoming a wrestling star was much strong, there may be some truth sticking to it. After that, she went on becoming a benchmark Diva setting the standard high for the Divas division.

Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 3 

The Montreal Screw Job was fake

Sports Entertainment provides us with its best when it comes to making confusion with the real incident and the keyfabe one. When it comes to WWE, the top incident should be the Montreal Screw job where Vince screwed Bret Hart and he left the company with frustration and kept no contact with the company for more than 10 years. Now there are rumors enough to prove that it was a fake job that WWE swerved well to make a fun out of the fans. Now after so many days someone does admit this, it be a shocking thing.

Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 4 

Vince wanted to be US president

This one was coming as true out of nowhere when Linda McMahon was running for Senate which was one of the reasons why WWE has gone PG. After that, Vince himself wanted his own political career. If that’s not enough, WWE channeled a storyline which showed Vince campaigning and planning for his presidential run. Though, it did not materialize for some reasons. Imagine if that happened then Vince would make professional wrestling a national sport and should have made everyone’s life hell.

Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 5

Jennifer Aniston dated Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio was a rookie in WCW cruiserweight division whereas Jennifer was in the prime of her acting career in the 90’s when this rumor of their dating came out of nowhere in a leading magazine then. The rumor was going strong even after many years with no reaction from both of them. Recently while publishing his biography, Rey had put an end to it by saying that they had no relationship as such.

Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 6 

Daniel Bryan was fired for frightening Triple H-Stephanie’s children

Many of us may have forgotten the incident when Daniel Bryan was fired from WWE NXT for locking his YES lock on announcer Justin Roberts with Tie around his neck. As per the storyline, it was not suited for PG era but rumors say that Triple H and Stephanie’s children got shocked and the incident made them cry. That’s the real reason why Bryan got fired. Though they hired him back and the rest marked the beginning of the YES movement.

 Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 7

Vince McMahon wanted to buy New Castle United

Wonder a football team with WWE superstars as football players in a team owned by Mr. McMahon. That would have been the case if this rumor turned out to be true as Vince wanted to expand his business to the United Kingdom by buying one Premiere league football team and New Castle was his first choice. The shocker did not happen but it would have made WWE more popular in the UK and, in turn, Vince can make the huge name powers of Chelsea and Manchester United in his WWE universe.

 Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 8

Mark Henry was rumored to break Undertaker’s Streak

This one is more than shocking. While many of the legends like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Edge was unable to break the streak Mark Henry was the cringing name to the fans to be rumored as the streak breaker. And to no surprise, none other than Vince McMahon was behind the idea who even thought that Henry’s merchandise would even top the list, better than the Rock. But, thankfully the creepy thing did not happen somehow, thanks to some unknown WWE Creative member.

 Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 9

Undertaker had dated porn-star Jenna Jameson

Jenna was a quite successful name in the porn industry and her book “How to make love like a Porn Star” was an instant hit and had some links with the professional wrestling industry when she admitted her association with the Undertaker when she was only 16 years old and accused him of hitting on her. She also admitted that the deadman wanted to kidnap her after beating her boyfriend which eventually led the duo to be linked up. Be it a publicity stint, there was some truth about the incident but Taker did not acknowledge about this incident.

 Top 10 most shocking WWE Rumors ever 10

Randy Orton pooped in a Diva’s bag

Rochelle Loewen was signed in WWE as a top model back randy Orton’s rookie days and she did not last long in WWE as she said to be the victim of a senior wrestler’s fun. Apparently after being released from WWE, Rochelle spoke out about how Orton made a mess to her belongings and making her bag full with tonics, lotions and baby oil. Later the rumor came out as Orton took a sh** in her bag and as a funny thing, the fans turned the baby oil into poop.

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