Here are the Top 5 WWE Matches From Main Roster in 2018

Top 5 WWE Matches from Main Roster in 2018

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Before we proceed, we should mention that these are only the main roster matches counted. Some of the WWE Universe do prefer the NXT matchups due to the intensifying performances on every single TakeOver shows. However, here we will take a look some of the best matches that WWE had to offer in this year.

For the most of 2018, WWE programming especially, Monday Night Raw has been garbage due to their lackluster bookings. However, it was some of the performers who stood out just to prove that they are in-ring technicians. Fans will watch and appreciate their efforts whenever they bring out the A-game. It also made us believe that the WWE Universe still loves to watch a pure wrestling based match with good story-telling.

Also, 2018 has been the year where women were able to steal the spotlight from the marquee superstars of the WWE. If you go through the list, you will find out the regular names on this list like The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena or even Roman Reigns is not there. It’s a good thing that the other talents were able to prove their ability. With that being said, here are the best five matches from WWE main roster programming.

Honourable mention: Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey (Survivor Series)
We did want to see this match at the main event of Wrestlemania 34. However, the officials had to prepone this at Survivor Series after Becky Lynch’s injury. This did not reduce the expected intensity of this match, as the two competitors hammered away at each other from the get-go. Fans could hardly blink their eyes while the contest was going on with back and forth counters. Plus Charlotte and Ronda Rousey both got out of the devastating submission locks despite suffering beatdown. Charlotte took the upper-hand by delivering kendo-stick and chair shots to Rousey that left the fight for another day. This match did make the final list just because we are due with a proper culmination.

Six-pack challenge for the WWE championship (Fastlane)
Fastlane has always been a filler show prior to the Wrestlemania event since its innovation. So it does not generally have that many impactful showdowns on the card. However, this year, one exception was there in the form of a six-pack challenge. John Cena, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, and Baron Corbin, were up against AJ Styles who defended the title.

A great part of the match involved story-telling, throughout. John Cena was desperate to punch his ticket at Wrestlemania and hence started with AAs. He also created the best spot of the match by delivering an AA to Styles through the announce table. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn tried to seal their Wrestlemania spots, as well.

However, Shane McMahon robbed their chances to set up a match at Wrestlemania. In the end, it was AJ Styles who ended the thrilling contest with a Phenomenal Forearm to Owens.

Seth Rollins vs. The Miz (Backlash)
WWE Backlash was perhaps the worst PPV of the year 2018. The only good thing about the match was the opening contest which stole the show. Seth Rollins and The Miz proved their veteran skills, delivering this absolute gem of a match. Miz targeted Rollins’ legs throughout. The Architect sold it in a such a good way as if his leg was going to separate from the body. There were instances in the match where Seth Rollins kicked out of two Skull Crushing Finales. He went to overcome the odds eventually with The Stomp to put an end to the roller-coaster ride. This match marked the beginning of a solid championship run for him, as well.

Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka (Wrestlemania 34)
This match had to happen at Wrestlemania 34 which was the best that WWE could offer at that point. Asuka won the Royal Rumble match to challenge Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown women’s championship that converted into an instant classic. Both the opponents retained the same pace throughout the match to blow the roof off. There has not been a dull moment until Asuka tapped out to the Figure Eight ripping off her legs. The match-end seemed a bit harsh, but that was okay as the audience was still to get over the huge Spanish-Fly spot by Charlotte Flair. Unarguably, this match became the best match from the Wrestlemania 34 night.

Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan (Survivor Series)
We dared to see this match in WWE programming fearing that Brock Lesnar might kill Daniel Bryan. WWE officials might not have allowed it happen either trying to keep Bryan away from those German Suplexes. However, the dream match eventually happened with a notice of just five days prior to Survivor Series. It was Daniel Bryan, the veteran again who came up to make the match attractive.

The New Daniel Bryan started the match taunting the beast who dismantled him with a relentless attack. Thereafter, the GOAT came back in an unusual fashion and was just moments away from tapping Lesnar out to the YES lock. One of the spots involved Bryan hitting the Running Knee to Lesnar following a low blow, to pin him almost.

However, finally, the Universal Champion nailed Bryan with an F5 to pick up the expected win. But the fans received their money back after witnessing going through such a thrilling ride.

Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch (Last-Woman-Standing match at Evolution)
Women’s contests like this are the reason why we would not mind to see women-centric PPV events. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch is and will always be an example why the female superstars should be in the main event spot on a regular basis.

The match started with a contrasting reaction from the crowd where Becky Lynch received a hero’s welcome despite being the villain. Charlotte Flair received the unusual boos but she proved why she is still the best in-ring female talent.

Brutal shots with chair and kendo stick were random from the beginning of the match which the audience enjoyed. The biggest spot of the match was Lynch dropping herself from top of a ladder to the announcer’s table to hurt Charlotte. The finishing stunt witnessed Becky Lynch power-bombing Charlotte through a table to the concrete floor. It fitted well with the chaotic match itself. The finish was sweet for Lynch fans, as she walked out with her title. However, ultimately women’s wrestling won hearts on that night delivering perhaps the best match in the history.

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