WWE Wrestlemania 34: WWE Smackdown Women’s Title Match Result

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WWE Wrestlemania 34: WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Match Result 

WWE Wrestlemania 34: WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Match Result

The Smackdown women’s championship match was dream lineup from the female roster of the WWE.

Charlotte Flair going up against Asuka is the headliner on any given day considering how much these two have accomplished. The daughter of Ric Flair is already a four-time WWE Women’s champion and the most dominant female athlete on the female roster for the past several years.

It used to be the scene until Asuka entered the fray, last year. This lady is still undefeated in the WWE.

For the last couple of years, NXT used to be her home. After relinquishing the NXT women’s title, she headed to the main roster and made history at the inaugural women’s Royal Rumble match.

We have never doubted it that Asuka will win the prestigious battle royal and the outcome was no different. Going forward, she chose Charlotte Flair for her championship match at Wrestlemania.

This happened at the Fastlane PPV event setting up this huge match. It was promoted as the championship vs streak match at the biggest event of the year.

Charlotte Flair made a royal entrance at Wrestlemania 34 honouring her father, the legendary Ric Flair. She was wearing a yellow robe matching to Ric and was escorted by some royal guard while entering the ramp. Following this, the two women started the match, as Asuka was already standing inside the ring.

After the initial lockdowns, Charlotte delivered a big boot and went for the top rope moon assault. Asuka countered it and locked in the triangle chokehold on the champion. But, Charlotte rolled her up countering the move, as the fight continued on the floor. Asuka delivered a suplex to Charlotte right there!

But, The Queen came back hitting a Super Spanish Fly off the top rope. She went for a natural Selection but got locked into the Arm-bar from Asuka. Later, she connected with a snap mare and locked in the Asuka lock.

Charlotte was indeed ready for Asuka, as she connected with a spear to lock in the Figure Eight. After a long stretch hold, Asuka was forced to tap out to the submission move.

With that, her undefeated streak came to an end at Wrestlemania 34. New Orleans remained to be the place where streaks do end. After the match, both these women embraced each other to end the segment on an emotional note.

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