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Wrestlemania, the greatest pro-wrestling show in the world has been changing into a bigger and better event over the past several years. With Nick Khan acting as the President of the WWE, the company is focused on changing things up for the betterment of fans and it obviously includes how to generate more revenues out of the Premium Live Events.

The company changed up WrestleMania in a huge way over the past couple of years. WWE head honchos have previously commented on how the event becoming a two-night event is so good for business. Plus, how it also protects fans from forcefully enjoying a stretched-out show at a time.

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Ever since WrestleMania 36 in 2020, the Show of Shows has been held across two consecutive days instead of one. That year, the event was shifted from Raymond James Stadium to the WWE Performance Center amid the COVID-19 pandemic. At that point, the move was supposed to be an innovation to engage the audience to watch a show from their home but the strategy was ultimately retained.

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WWE held Wrestlemania 37 last year and 38 on back-to-back days as well. While speaking to DMagazine, Stephanie McMahon was asked about the two-night concept for the Showcase of Immortals. She explained the advantages of being a two-night event and it has to do a lot with better storytelling and talent utilization.

“It allows us to tell more stories and feature more talent. In the non-pandemic era, we had fans who traveled from over 60 countries, all 50 states, all coming to share this passion. To give them two nights of WrestleMania versus one, we hope to overdeliver on their expectations and blow them away with our storytelling and athleticism in the ring.”

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With upping of viewership, record attendance, and revenue generation, WWE is planning on making WrestleMania a two-night event, permanently. But without much bigger names on the active roster, that decision may not benefit them in the long run. For now, ‘Mania 39 is also scheduled to be a two-night affair from Hollywood in 2023.

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