Lacey Evans: Update On How WWE To Handle Raw Superstar's Pregnancy

Lacey Evans: Update On How WWE To Handle Raw Superstar’s Pregnancy

Lacey Evans
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Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce were scheduled to wrestle Asuka and Charlotte Flair on Raw this week in a tag team match. But it eventually turned out to be a 2-on-1 affair as Evans stayed out of the match until the very end. She did finally make a tag but only to walk out of the match. She did not get in the ring but instead announced that she is with a child.

Ric Flair, her current flame on Raw was very happy about this news, and he danced around a bit as he has to do so because of the storyline, he’s the father of the baby. Charlotte Flair was obviously shocked by this announcement when the couple left the ramp. It is up in the air what will happen with Lacey Evans’ scheduled title match at the Elimination Chamber. Since she is pregnant. It’s likely that her Raw Women’s Title shot would be passed to someone else.

Lacey Evans Flirts With WWE Legend Ric Flair In Lingerie Photo

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Several sources have already noted how Lacey Evans is really pregnant with her second child. But The Nature Boy Ric Flair isn’t really the father of the baby but her real-life husband is. But WWE will keep putting storyline dimension to the angle.

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Ringside News has learned that WWE plans to keep Lacey Evans on television for at least a couple of months. A change in plan can always be expected especially considering that pregnancy is a part of the situation. But the current plan could be something similar to that once Maria Kanellis played on Monday Night Raw and went on to become the first pregnant champion in WWE history.

Lacey Evans to stay on TV during pregnancy

The source was also told by someone directly involved in this situation that the plan is to carry on Lacey Evans’ storyline with Charlotte Flair. Considering the personal rivalry, this feud needed a blow-off match which can’t happen, at this point. But The Lady of the WWE is staying on television as the source was told, “I do not think they have anything in mind.”

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WWE is going to play it off in the storyline as if it is Ric Flair’s baby which isn’t. Her real-life husband, Alfonso, is the father. Evans and her husband have a daughter named Summer who was also featured on WWE television, during Lacey Evans’ feud with Sasha Banks.

Summer made quite a few appearances on TV times prior to the pandemic. The mother-daughter duo also starred in a corndog commercial in recent memory. It’ll be interesting to see how WWE re-books the Raw Women’s Title Match at Elimination Chamber.