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Video: Reigns vs. Sheamus for WWE title (Mr. McMahon as special guest referee)

Before the blockbuster main event started at the 1st RAW of 2016 a tug of war happened between the champion Roman Reigns and the special guest referee Mr. Vince McMahon which allowed Sheamus to attack Reigns from behind as the partial guest referee counts fast to end the match quickly but Reigns is not the man to get pinned so fast.


The ‘one versus all’ motto comes into play very quick as always as the main event match officiated with McMahon as the guest referee with a bull’s eye on the back of The Big Dog. The match should be finished right there when Reigns hit the dri-fi followed by a Samoan Drop to his opponent but as you know the slow count comes into play.

Then a superman punch was hit and this time, McMahon did not even bother to count which provoked the champion to hit the boss with a superman punch again to lay him down and hit the finishing maneuver Spear but there was no official to count.

Roman drives Sheamus outside the ring over the announce table when Stephanie comes out to check her father but got tumbled over the ring as Roman throws Mr.McMahon to her. This mayhem allows Sheamus to hit the champ with a Brogue Kick as the crooked referee Scott Armstrong comes to the ring to count the pinfall but Reigns kicks out.

Finally, an impartial referee comes out to the ring, with Sheamus lying down with a one final Superman punch and ended the match right down in the middle and Reigns retains the championship.