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WWE premium live events offer the best of actions from professional wrestling on a monthly basis on the WWE Network and Peacock. In India, Sony Sports Network airs those events where the top WWE Superstars feature in some big matches and segments to entertain the global audience.

WrestleMania is undoubtedly considered the biggest WWE premium live event of the year in the WWE which already possesses the nickname of the Biggest Event of the Year. But WWE fans also have the option from 11 more other such annual events per year from the main roster and the WWE NXT brand to consider those as their favorite one apart from Wrestlemania.

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It appears that the WWE audience already has a particular non-WrestleMania event in their choice to consider it as the second WWE premium live event. According to a Wrestling Inc poll conducted on X more than 84% of fans consider the Royal Rumble to be their favorite WWE PLE following WrestleMania.

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Royal Rumble WWE premium live event brings tons of excitement to the fans

Traditionally Royal Rumble is the particular WWE premium live event that kicks off the road to Wrestlemania, every year. The first PLE of the year gives an opportunity to 30 men and 30 women a chance to secure their position on the WrestleMania card in the main event capacity. The winners from the men’s and women’s Rumble matches get title shots of their choosing which remains the most exciting part of their Wrestlemania journey.

As for the fans, this WWE premium live event is filled with surprise returns, chaotic situations, and superstars coming up with innovative moves in order to avoid elimination from the Rumble match. This automatically makes this particular show one of the most anticipated ones in the calendar and WWE also enlarged the capacity by hosting the show in stadiums over the past several years.

Previously, spoilers already revealed that Royal Rumble 2024 was expected to take place next January in Florida. Then officially the first WWE premium live event of this year went down from St. Petersburg’s Tropicana Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday, January 24.

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