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The Undertaker has been absent from WWE in-ring completion for almost two years now. Although the term retirement wasn’t used for him, WWE did host a Final Farewell segment for him to give him a proper send-off back at Survivor Series 2020. However, speculations are high that the legendary WWE Superstar could be back in action in the upcoming big PPV event, Wrestlemania 38.

WWE Universe would love to see The Undertaker back on TV and the grandest stage could bring one such moment. The veteran professional wrestler, himself has teased the same on social media in the recent past given that the next edition of Wrestlemania would go down from the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas which is the hometown for The Undertaker. This is why WWE has also used him for ‘Mania ticket pre-sale event.

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Wrestlemania 38: Will The Undertaker Make In-Ring Return On WWE PPV 1

Speculations are high that The Undertaker will be involved in some capacity. He is expected to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2022 while many believe that the veteran superstar could also end up making an in-ring return.

The Undertaker most likely to stay retired

2-Time WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T recently discussed The Undertaker’s status for WrestleMania’s 38 edition on his Hall of Fame podcast and he had the following to say regarding his former rival’s in-ring return. It was affirmed that the former WWE Champion can always return to the ring but that nostalgia act may not be revitalized given the bygone circumstances,

“You know, honestly, I really do not think we will get to see The Undertaker in-ring at WrestleMania 38. The thing is, can The Undertaker come back and have one more match? I am almost certain he could.

That’s what wrestlers do, whether they can do it or not, it is almost, like, ‘Okay, there’s the ring right there, just push me, and I’ll do the rest.’ That’s the way wrestlers are.

Can The Undertaker go out there and do another match? Yes, I think he could. But I think for the nostalgia of The Undertaker, it’s too early to see him in the ring right now and really get the bang for our buck.

If he came back and did it now, I don’t think we’ll get that same feeling.”

Wrestlemania 38: Will The Undertaker Make In-Ring Return On WWE PPV 2

As noted above, The Undertaker received his Final Farewell but there will always be the discussion of him returning to the ring, at least for the next few years. He had previously returned from such circumstances but now he is an aged person whose body may not cooperate like earlier days. Hence, it’s best for him to stay in retired shape.

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