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Roman Reigns has enjoyed a run as the WWE Universal Champion for two years. Since his triumphant return in the 2020 summer, he has certainly been on a roll, and that level was just upped at WrestleMania 38 in April when he defeated Brock Lesnar to become Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. This win solidified his kingpin status in the WWE.

For the records, Roman Reigns has already achieved the accolade of main-eventing WrestleMania more than any of his contemporaries. Going by his current status, he might just go on to shatter WrestleMania marquee appearances when he will be finished. The main-eventer status will obviously stay with The Needle Mover, next year. From Hollywood, he’s expected to deliver another slobberknocker.

Wrestlemania 39: WWE Wants To Bring Back Two Top World Championships

Wrestlemania 39: Roman Reigns Still Planned To Headline WWE PLE In 2023 1

WrestleMania 39 is still months away, but the main event match is being planned. Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the current plan calls for Roman Reigns to face The Rock at the Grandest Stage of Them All. This has always been the plan around the headliner segment for the biggest evening in WWE and the pitch remains the same to make the dream match into a reality.

Roman Reigns Set To Achieve Big Milestone At WWE Wrestlemania 39?

Roman Reigns vs. The Rock doesn’t have to be a championship match

It was also noted by the source that Roman Reigns vs. The Rock is such a big caliber match that it doesn’t need a championship to be involved. There has been speculation that WWE was keeping the title on The Head of the Table just because they didn’t want him to get beat before that fantasy match against his cousin which may not necessarily be the case,

“It’s the plan. It’s 100 percent the plan for this year [WrestleMania 39]. But the idea is, it’s the plan if he can do it,” Meltzer said. “We’re still months away, months and months away. So many opportunities and things like that may come up that are far more important than WrestleMania.”

Wrestlemania 39: Roman Reigns Still Planned To Headline WWE PLE In 2023 2

As noted above, Roman Reigns vs. The Rock is a match between two larger-than-life superstars that’s been highly discussed. Fans are hoping to see The Great One come back for one last run inside the squared circle and WrestleMania 39 in his home turf of Hollywood will provide the perfect opportunity. His movie and television career would have to be halted but one final hurray in WWE should make that up for good.

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