WWE Elimination chamber result: daniel bryan retains WWE championship

WWE Elimination Chamber Results: Daniel Bryan Retains WWE Championship

courtesy WWE

The fate of the WWE Championship was on the line on last night’s Elimination Chamber event. Daniel Bryan defended the most prestigious title in the sports entertainment inside that structure. A ton of steels builds up this unforgiving cage where every inch hurts the superstars. So the task was really tough for the reigning champion.

After a tooth and nail fight among all of the competitors, Daniel Bryan turned out to be the one to stand tall. He joined the elite list of superstars who have multiple victories inside the Elimination Chamber structure.

Bryan started the match against Joe. He avoided Joe for sometimes before Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles joined the match. Styles earned the first elimination in the match after hitting the Phenomenal Forearm on Joe. Jeff Hardy entered the match to get into a Running Knee from Daniel Bryan and face elimination.

Randy Orton was the one to enter the Elimination Chamber in the last spot. He delivered an RKO to pin the second favorite, AJ Styles. Following that, he tried to go for another RKO to Kofi who converted it into a Trouble in Paradise. He eliminated Orton to earn huge cheers from the crowd. The high-flyer went for a leapfrog from the top of the Elimination Chamber pod but missed. Daniel Bryan delivered another Running Knee to pin him. He came out of the steel structure with the WWE Championship intact.

The number-game was not in favor of Daniel Bryan. He had to defend the WWE Championship against five other superstars inside that Elimination Chamber. The five challengers for the title were Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Kofi Kingston. The last name got the opportunity after Mustafa Ali injured himself.

Predictions for Elimination Chamber suggested that Daniel Bryan was a clear-cut favorite to win the title bout. Already, the final pay-per-view before Wrestlemania 35 has started advertising him as the defending champion. It suggested that the reigning champion will come out of Elimination Chamber with the WWE Championship around his shoulder. Well, WWE officials did not make any alteration either in the outcome.