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Natalya Neidhart has been one of the cornerstone figures of the WWE Women’s Division for the past several years. She’s someone who is enjoying a career in wrestling way longer than her contemporaries. Her debut took place in 2008 when the Divas era was just settling in. Those so-called Divas have mostly headed into retirement while she stayed as an active performer in the company.

Carrying on the rich Hart Family legacy was never easy for a woman, especially at a time when WWE didn’t have something relevant to offer her to the women of their locker room. However, she proudly spent more than 15 years in the company and she is looking better than ever. With retirement not looming in for her, this early, she still has some goals in sight and that includes a dream match with a TNA/Impact Hall of Famer.

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Natalya Neidhart name-dropped Gail Kim as dream opponent

Natalya Neidhart recently name-dropped a veteran female player of the business as one of her dream matches. The choice that the 2-time WWE Women’s champion named isn’t a part of the WWE for a long time. Gail Kim is that concerned name who is credited with playing a significant role in the Women’s Revolution despite not being a part of the WWE roster for a long time.

Recently, Natalya Neidhart took to her Instagram story to post Gail Kim’s recent catch-up post with the WWE Superstar’s real-life husband, TJ Wilson (also known as Tyson Kidd). The Queen of Harts couldn’t resist but to shower love on two of her favorite people with the following caption,

“Always love you both. My Faves And you’re a DREAM MATCH OF MINE.”

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While starting their career in the WWE almost at the same time, Natalya Neidhart managed to stay around the company while Gail Kim didn’t have much pleasing experience. She left the WWE back in the early 2010s, citing frustrations with the company’s booking of female talent. Kim went on to go back to TNA to hone her skills to the fullest to become a pioneer of the Knockouts division of the company. Not only that, she has also served in a personnel role for the betterment of the promotion to become a Hall of Famer, there.

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