Alternate Plans For Braun Strowman If He’s Not Fit For WWE TLC

WWE News: Alternate Plans For Braun Strowman If He’s Not Fit To Compete At WWE TLC

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Braun Strowman picked up an injury on last week’s episode of WWE Raw. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre were the three heel superstars that joined hands to deliver a beatdown on the behemoth. The attacks ended with a shot straight into his hand with a steel step. This caused a shattered elbow of the monster as per the updates from WWE.

There are reports out around the monster among men and the injury. He is the prime babyface player of the WWE Raw brand whom the company can’t afford to keep away from the scene. This face runs the brand following the absence of Roman Reigns. So the question is whether this injury is a kayfabe rather than an actual one. confirmed this as a legit injury that is bothering the monster among men for a long time. He needed to undergo a surgery to fix the issue which is the main reason behind planning this attack on WWE Raw. This was a storyline process to write him off the TV for sometimes. The exact span of his hiatus is unknown at this point.

The backstage feeling is that Braun Strowman will be back on WWE Raw in no time. He should return in competition in time for the WWE TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) PPV. However, the severity of this slight concussion will only be available after doctors cut him open on the operation table. The surgery will take place on tonight at Birmingham, Alabama.

There’s also a backup plan ready for Braun Strowman in case he does not get fit at WWE TLC. The creative team is likely to set up a squash match in favor of him against Braun Strowman where he will have to spend a minimum effort. Mike Johnson of the same source has confirmed that this will make him ready for the next title opportunity,

“But the feeling I got from those this morning once I learned it was a legitimate injury was they could always do a very one-sided deal where he just kills Baron Corbin and wipes him out and then we wouldn’t really have to worry about him wrestling again until the Royal Rumble if that is the case and he needs some more time off in terms of physicality. So we’ll see. There was no sense of the sky is falling.”

Braun Strowman is still in for the official match card of WWE TLC. He will be up against Baron Corbin whose post of acting GM will be up for grabs in case the latter one loses the opportunity. The monster, on the other hand, will get to challenge Brock Lesnar for WWE Raw women’s championship by winning this match.