Backstage News On Kofi Kingston’s Performance On Smackdown

WWE News: Backstage News On Kofi Kingston’s Incredible Performance On Smackdown

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Kofi Kingston was a sudden addition to the Elimination Chamber match over the WWE Championship. He also competed on this week’s episode of Smackdown Live in the Gauntlet match to deliver a lifetime performance. Even the biggest fans of The New Day would have thought of him pinning multiple champions back to back that came as a huge shocker.

It was unfortunate to learn that Mustafa Ali was not competing in the Elimination Chamber match. It was one of the tailor-made appearances for him that could give a major breakthrough to his career on the main roster. Plus, the audience would have loved to see the daredevil stunts pulled off by the young star. But an injury prevented him from doing so.

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However, Kofi Kingston stole the show on Smackdown and never let us realize that it was not young Mustafa Ali. He wrestler for more than one hour proving to be an Ironman. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, multi-time World Champion Jeff Hardy, and former NXT Champion Samoa Joe were his victims in consecutive matches.

The marathon run came to an end after he succumbed to AJ Styles’ Calf Crusher. But he got nothing to be ashamed of. Kofi Kingston won the fans’ hearts and critics acclamation after this rock-solid outing on Smackdown. Perhaps a big performance is waiting for him at Elimination Chamber, too.

Meanwhile, WrestleVotes revealed the backstage reactions on this performance of Kofi Kingston. Initially, Mustafa Ali was set to have the same story on Smackdown prior to his injury turned out to be a fatal one. He picked up the same during last week’s Smackdown in a match against Randy Orton.

He never thought of getting out of Elimination Chamber. But his luck was not with him. So the New Day member got the opportunity. Here’s more on this via the source,

“Hearing that the Kofi – Gauntlet story, with him being in the ring nearly an hour was the same story that was to unfold with Mustafa Ali. However, given circumstances, an opportunity has now opened for Kofi, and he has momentum. Both w/ fans & backstage after his performance.”

Kofi Kingston is in the WWE for more than a decade who spent most of the time in the mid-card level. Now it is a perfect occasion for him to step up and get to the WWE title picture. Hopefully, WWE creative team is listening.