Big News: Batista reveals real reason on why he quit WWE in 2014

WWE News: Batista talks about quitting WWE and return

Former WWE superstar and now a more of a Hollywood star after James Bond and Guardians of the Galaxy, Batista talked recently to MLW Radio’s Writers Room regarding his last run in WWE. It who reported what the superstars thinks of his last time in 2014 when he returned and forced to departed as “Bluetista”.

Batista accepted that his run in WWE in 2014 was nothing but a failure. He wanted to start as a heel since he has the idea that fans would not jell with him well as a face. But, WWE creative was in total opposition from his opinion and so he had no option but to start fresh as a babyface. It was Mr. McMahon who thought that people would love him as he was the popular one.
Batista also talked that he is linked to the infamous departure of CM Punk. The fans always blamed him for taking the spotlight from CM Punk who deserved it. The Creative did make a huge mistake by doing and as a result of Creative difference, Punk decided to leave the company.

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Though, the former champion had claimed that his decision of quitting WWE after Payback was not a sudden decision. It was known to both the parties. He stated that the promotions for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie had already started and that was the sole reason for him leaving the company. But, he was concerned about the fan backlash and wanted to take hiatus to make things smooth for them.

When talking about a return to WWE, Batista admitted that he first would like to know where he is getting into and have a clear vision where it will lead him into. He needs a clear blueprint before he makes one last time return in the company.

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It is worthy to mention that Batista returned to WWE in 2014 as a babyface and won the Royal Rumble to get inserted into the World Heavyweight Championship which created havoc among the fans. That year Daniel Bryan or CM Punk was the favorite to win. Soon realizing the fact, Bryan was inserted into the title picture. But they were a little bit late and Punk already left the company. Though WWE fought back by giving the fans Daniel Bryan, Batista had to leave soon without making any mark to the fans.