Brock Lesnar was alarmed by the US Anti-doping agency for using drugs which were out of MMA fight rule book. Lesnar came out positive with the sample collected from him dated June 28th. In addition for the second consecutive time, he came out with the same result as declared by UFC. This time, the sample was collected just 12 hours prior to the UFC 200 event.

It is certain that with the second test being positive UFC is bound to take a major step towards Lesnar by fining him a huge amount of money and banning him from MMA competition for the next two years. He may also face punishment from the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the US Anti-doping agency after a certain period.

With that being said the question arrives, is Lesnar’s future in WWE is in jeopardy? To the relief of the WWE Universe, the answer may very turn out to be negative going by certain rules. In an interview, the chairman of the company, Vince McMahon addressed the same situation. As a report of suggests he stated that part-time wrestlers are not necessarily subjected to the scrutiny of the Wellness Policy.

Mr. McMahon quoted the following when he was asked if Wellness Policy rules apply for part-time wrestlers like him, “I’m not a regularly scheduled performer. In addition to that, I’m 62 years old, not 26. And the Wellness Policy is designed for those young competitors who compete on a regular basis”

Brock Lesnar certainly fits into this category. While other wrestlers compete in more than 100 matches in a single year, Lesnar barely steps into the ring for 10 times in a calendar year. This will be his second stint in the year if he shows up for the Summerslam pay-per-view. So being contracted as a part-time wrestler is likely going in his favor and he is appearing at Summerslam without facing any obstacle.


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