WWE News: Charlotte Flair Talked About Upcoming Match Against Asuka

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WWE News: Charlotte Flair Talked About Upcoming Match Against Asuka 

WWE News: Charlotte Flair Talked About Upcoming Match Against Asuka

Charlotte Flair won the Smackdown women’s championship back in November 2017.

It was just before the Survivor Series PPV event when she snatched the title from her long-term rival, Natalya Neidhart to start a dominant title run on the roster. It was evident that the reign would continue until Wrestlemania.

Considering she is the strongest representative of the Women’s Evolution, it was evident she is walking into the ‘show of shows’ as the champion to defend the title in a big match. The uncertainty around her potential opponent in the upcoming match was declared at the Fastlane PPV event.

On that night, Charlotte Flair retained her championship in a match against Ruby Riott only to get interrupted by Asuka. This lady had won the inaugural Royal Rumble match earning the right to choose a champion of her choice in a Wrestlemania match. Instead of choosing Alexa Bliss from WWE Raw, she chose the Queen of the WWE.


Now, this match is a dream match for the WWE fans which was evident to happen, at one point. These two are the strongest forced who will definitely give a match to watch out for at the 34th edition of Wrestlemania. Recently, the daughter of Ric Flair was interviewed by Barstool Sports where she talked about this upcoming showdown.

Talking about her toughest challenge, till date, Charlotte alluded that she always wanted to get a shot at Asuka in a singles competition. But, until Fastlane, she was unaware whether it was going to happen or not, (courtesy 411mania.com)

“[At the Royal Rumble] I was standing there hoping that everyone in ‘Gorilla’ or the writing team watching going, ‘She has to pick me. I’m the only logical pick. She has to pick me!’ and then Ronda [Rousey’s] music hits, and I’m like, ‘No, she still has to pick me’ because I wanted to face Asuka that bad and I didn’t know. I didn’t know – I kind of heard rumblings – but I didn’t know for sure until Fastlane.”


The genetically superior athlete continued the one thing that makes her special from the other ladies is her unique in-ring style. Owing to this, she can earn the respect of the WWE Universe. Plus, the only reason she wants to face the Empress of Tomorrow was that these two never had a one-on-one competition, previously,

“She has so much respect from the WWE Universe and fans worldwide, and she’s different. For me, it’s more because I’ve never faced her. No one’s even seen a singles, a tag, nothing from NXT. I mean, we have never crossed paths, and that is very special in our industry. Because I mean, you’ve at least wrestled once, right? How have we never touched?”

Apart from the first-time ever competition, Charlotte Flair will also get the opportunity to break the streak of Asuka at the grandest stage of them all. After coming to the main roster, she has never faced someone tougher like the multi-time women’s champion. Hence, this match will be an acid test for her, too.

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