WWE News: Eric Bischoff opened up on the 'Roman Reigns' problem

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WWE News: Eric Bischoff Opened up on the Roman Reigns Problem 

WWE News: Eric Bischoff Opened up on the Roman Reigns Problem
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The ‘Roman Reigns’ problem is going on in the WWE for the past several years. The company has been pushing this man continuously, as the prime babyface on the roster. But the fans have never accepted him in this role.

We have never seen this kind of situation earlier in the business. WWE always have one such cornerstone on the roster to sell out the shows on a regular basis. Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena have played this role excellently. The WWE Universe was always ‘over’ with their character.

Acceptance of the fans was the sole reason behind establishing these names in this role. It is entirely different in the case of Roman Reigns. You can only get fan backlash when WWE officials are always trying to feed us with the Big Dog when we can’t digest it. The tradition continues on a monthly and yearly basis even after much complaints.

Another veteran name has noted on this Roman Reigns situation. Former WCW owner, Eric Bischoff is the name in this context who opened up regarding this in an interview with Chris Vin Vliet. Here’s what he had to offer regarding the push of the Shield member, (courtesy SEScoops.com),

“I think the way he’s been packaged and the way he’s been presented and dare I say it because I don’t like to be critical but there’s no other way to say it, he’s been forced down everybody’s throats for two years. But no matter how good you are, I don’t care if you’re Vince McMahon, or you’re Steven Spielberg or even if you’re William Shakespeare, it’s doesn’t matter.”

Eric Bischoff gave the same solution to get rid of the problem just like the other veteran pro-wrestling superstars. He advised the creative members to turn him into a heel person. The other franchise players also donned the heel gimmick for a particular time. It made their face-turn look quite organic. This feel is completely missing from the character of Roman Reigns,

“You can only force that fish to swim upstream until it just gets tired as has to go the other way. I wish they would turn him heel. I wish they would embrace that.”

The fact in this situation is that Roman Reigns is not going to be heel anytime soon. Fans, as well as the critics, pledged for this move for years. But WWE cared the least about opinions from veterans like Eric Bischoff. WWE will stop at nothing to let continue with him as the bonafide main event star of this generation.

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