Before the four horsewomen of the NXT division took over the female roster of the WWE, we had the Divas section in the locker room. Kaitlyn was one of the prime names from the division who earned quite a respect from the WWE Universe for her fighting spirit. Her feud with AJ Lee was a memorable one from that time.

She had quite a potential to become an even greater name in WWE but she decided to quit the company in order to settle down with her boyfriend. She later married her long-time partner, PJ Braun and opened a fitness channel alongside him.

They had a happy life until now when things have taken nasty turns. The cracks in their relationship were rumored for quite a few weeks now. It was further widened up after the website domain of Kaitlyn’s fitness goal was taken over by Braun. Later, it was restored with a newer name i.e.

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Kaitlyn, real name Celestial Bonin declared on Instagram that the site’s domain was intentionally blocked by her husband who used to be half the owner of it. She also confirmed that they are undergoing a divorce process and might split up soon.

The former Divas champion also clarified that she wanted to keep her marriage alive with her husband. But, the site hacking was the final nail in the coffin and it’s all over, now. She will be doing business alone from this point and thanked all the fans for support.

Eventually, this separation has fueled up the chances of her return to the WWE. This has happened at a time when multiple former talents are rumored to make a return to the company during WrestleMania season.

Being a fitness specialist, it will be easy for her to be in shape for an in-ring return. Plus, she can be utilized more at this time when WWE is going through the Women’s Evolution era. Despite having all the tools to be one of the great champions, she has spent only a handful of time on the main roster. Let’s wait and see whether WWE really intends to bring her back for one more stint.

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