Mandy Rose appeared on Smackdown in a towel-The Usos-Naomi

WWE News: Mandy Rose appeared on Smackdown In A Towel Distracting The Usos

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WWE stacked the card of this week’s Smackdown Live with two big announcements. Two matches were official on the show from which one was a triple threat contest. The winner became the number one contender for the women’s championship. The other match was a title match itself over the Smackdown tag team championships.

Full results from Smackdown Live

The Usos received another chance to become the new tag team champions on Smackdown. They challenged The Bar i.e. Sheamus and Cesaro in a match as per the announcement from These two teams have been continuing their rivalry for a long time. This set up yet another rematch with a repeated lineup. Jimmy and Jey Uso looked in control, firmly when somewhat unexpected happened in the form of Mandy Rose.

She provided the distraction costing The Usos this title opportunity and further continued her feud with Naomi. We should note that Jimmy Uso and Naomi are a real-life couple in the WWE. The latter one has engaged in a Twitter battle with Naomi for sometimes before Jimmy Uso was dragged into it. Mandy Rose was constantly trying to woo Naomi’s husband with her oomph factor.

She tried to do the same on last night’s Smackdown wearing a towel and fluffy slippers. Jimmy looked confused when she Mandy Rose asked him whether he has left tiny gold shorts and top in his hotel room. This allowed Sheamus to blast Uso in the mouth as Cesaro hit the Gotch Neutralizer to get the win.

The Bar has been tag team champions for the past several months. They have not really defended it other than The Usos or The New Day that created a repeated lineup. Last week, Usos teamed up with the Good Brothers to pick up a victory in an eight-man tag team match. This helped them to receive yet another shot to the championship.

But thanks to Mandy Rose and her mesmerizing towel appearance, The Usos will have to stay out of the tag team championship picture on Smackdown. Naomi seemed irate with these actions of the Golden Goddess and tried to attack her at the backstage area. She was beating down Mandy and her partner Sonya Deville until Jimmy made the save. This rivalry on Smackdown has become quite personal and might continue through the Royal Rumble season.