Mustafa Ali removed from Elimination Chamber WWE championship match

WWE News: Mustafa Ali Removed From Elimination Chamber Championship Match

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A huge change occurred on the WWE Championship match at Elimination Chamber following Smackdown Live. informed us that Mustafa Ali is dealing with an injury and will not be able to compete on this Sunday’s PPV night. Hence they removed him from this one night of the year where the devastating steel cage structure come back.

So the lineup of WWE Championship Elimination Chamber matchup changed, right away. The creative team gave an opportunity to The New Day to replace Mustafa Ali. Anyone of them could have taken the spot of the former Cruiserweight superstar. They decided to go with Kofi Kingston, the veteran. It makes the WWE title match lineup as follows,

Elimination Chamber Match For The WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kofi Kingston

The result of the Gauntlet match on Smackdown

It is a wise decision to choose Kofi Kingston to represent the New Day faction. He is the most veteran superstar among three of them who has a vast experience of competing in this type of match. Last night, he wrestled more than one hour in the Gauntlet match proving why he would be the dark horse in the Elimination Chamber match. He will be a perfect replacement for Mustafa Ali.

We have reported it earlier that there are chances that the Elimination Chamber match lineup might change. Mustafa Ali suffered a bruise in his eye on last week’s Smackdown that turned out to be much fatal for him. reported that this might prevent him from competing at the upcoming WWE Championship match.

Those rumors turned out to be true by all means when WWE did remove Mustafa Ali from Elimination Chamber. Doctors are much conscious when it comes to protecting injured superstars. Especially, a steel structure like this can make the injury even worse. So it was safe for the medical personnel to keep him out of action, for now.

Fans have definitely expected Mustafa Ali to pull off some high flying stunts inside the Elimination Chamber. This structure would have given him the opportunity to do so. The steels surrounding the ring would allow him to perform some never-before-seen moves. But is not physically okay to do so. We hope, a young man like him will receive multiple such chances in his career in the future.