WWE News: Nakamura retains United States title on Smackdown live

WWE News: Nakamura Retains United States Title on Smackdown Live

courtesy WWE.com

The stakes were high on last night’s Smackdown Live with a US title match on the card. Shinsuke Nakamura became the new holder of the title at the bygone Extreme Rules PPV event.

He took the least amount of time to win the championship with his heel antics. A low blow sucked the energy of the former champion, Jeff Hardy even before the match.

A proud champion was still ready to defend the title against Nakamura who connected with the Kinshasa within just a few moments. Just three seconds later, he became the new champion pinning Hardy. It fuelled up the bad blood between these two superstars over on Smackdown Live. The feud is going on for several weeks.

In the meantime, Randy Orton returned to claim his lost US title. He shocked the WWE Universe by turning heel against Hardy and kicking him in the groin. So we were sure The Viper would be watching, as Smackdown came up with a huge championship rematch last night.


As per the confirmations from the general manager Paige, Hardy battled Nakamura in the title rematch on the show took place from Mohegan Sun Arena in Pennsylvania. Before the actual match started on Smackdown, both Hardy and Nakamura cut promos. Hardy mentioned the low blow for the loss, whereas, Nakamura talked about Hardy coming up with face paints. He tries to hide his pain and tears from the fans with the help of these.

The Charismatic Enigma was furious on Nakamura for these comments and started the match on a straight attack mode. Nakamura escaped the ring but got caught in Whisper of Wind. He was able to set Hardy up for the Kinshasa but could not deliver it. Instead, Hardy hit a Twist of Fate to set things up for a Swanton Bomb.

Hardy was able to hit it effectively only to get caught by Randy Orton. The Viper continued his heel-mode on and came up with a vicious attack. Orton hit Jeff’s head into the ring steps until the Smackdown officials came out. But they still failed to control him.

It was nasty to witness him pulling the earhole of Hardy. The relentless attack came to an end after Orton gave his pendant to Hardy on the floor. It looks like that we will see a three-way rivalry over the US title throughout the summer season.