Possible Reason Behind WWE Bringing Back Co-Branded PPVs

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WWE News: Possible Reason Behind WWE Bringing Back Co-Branded PPVs 

WWE News: Possible Reason Behind WWE Bringing Back Co-Branded PPVs

It was earlier reported that WWE is bringing back the dual-brand PPV events once Wrestlemania 34 gets over.

Starting from the Backlash PPV in May, all the events will be hosted in a co-branded manner which means we will no more be seeing the Raw or Smackdown-exclusive events, anymore. The trend that started in 2016 will become extinct after almost two years.

It brings us to the possible date of the next WWE Draft. 2016 was the year when we have one such concept just before the brand extension draft, whereas, last year, we had a ‘superstar shakeup’ following Wrestlemania 33. Apparently, the Draft will be brought back once the biggest event gets over.

According to the reports of wrestleview.com, most probably, the Backlash PPV is going to the timespan when it will be back into the programming,

“WWE also has plans to hold another Draft at the Backlash PPV this May, explaining both brands being advertised. If this were to be the plan for the PPV, it would mark the “draft” among the brands since the Superstar Shake Up that took place last April following WrestleMania 33.”

It means the brand split will still be in full effect. The only thing that will change is the PPV events which will now be consisting superstars from both the shows. While speaking on this topic. Dave Meltzer declared the reasons behind WWE are coming up with such planning.

As per the veteran wrestling journalist, the creative heads are not satisfied with the number of ticket sales that the brand-specific events have been getting for the last few months. It is resulting in repetitive matches between two superstars.

Going forward, the company is looking forward to putting more star powers into it and keep the ticket sales high.

The report added this would help to build long-term storytelling, as well, (reported by SportsKeeda.com)

“With the way the brand-specific pay per views were set up, there could be two months before a storyline could have a blow-off match on a pay per view, making it harder for creative to book television on a weekly basis.”


Plus, WWE will be able to host all the PPV events for four hours long which will be bigger than ever. This trend can be started on a constant basis that will stick the audience to the WWE Network for more times.

Plus, the talents will also get more TV time by this. It is likely that an official statement is waiting for us regarding this, sooner.

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