WWE News: Potential hints that Daniel Bryan will sign a new contract

WWE News: Potential Hints that Daniel Bryan Will Sign a New Contract

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WWE has not used Daniel Bryan to his full potential since the return. The YES movement has gone softer in recent times since he did not get chance in the main event spotlight.

For multiple occasions, he missed chances to earn a championship opportunity. Rumors say it’s an intentional move from WWE.

Some speculations are going on about Daniel Bryan and his WWE career. We have previously reported the contract is a huge issue at this point for him. The current one is coming to an end on September 1st. This deal has not been renewed till date leaving the chance of his departure from the company.

It means Summerslam can very well turn out to be the last time that we see Daniel Bryan in a WWE ring. It would be quite shocking even at a time when WWE medically cleared him to compete. Back at Wrestlemania 34, we saw him returning to in-ring competition at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

We wonder whether this stint continued or not. Meanwhile, there are some positive updates which might keep the hopes alive for the WWE fans. Future advertisements of WWE programming is already including him which is a good indication that he is staying with the brand.

As per the reports of PWInsider.com, WWE has advertised him following the biggest event of summer. SmackDown Live taping on September 4th at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit is advertising him on the show. We need to note the date is beyond his current contract which is intact till September 1st.

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Furthermore, Daniel Bryan will appear at the WWE live event at Madison Square Garden on December 26th. We do know that ‘cards are always subject to change’, but often these advertised names turn out to be true. The MCG show in Australia also includes him on the poster for now dated October 8th.

It is another such proof that the partnership will eventually increase. One way or the other, WWE will surely do not want to lose a star of his caliber at this point.

Smackdown ratings depend a lot on him. His exit from the company can make it worse in the future. We hope another contract gets official as soon as possible.

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