John Cena house is a true retrospective of his illustrious career

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John Cena House is a True Retrospective of his Illustrious Career 

John Cena House is a True Retrospective of his Illustrious Career
Here is the glimpse from John Cena house.

John Cena house is the mirror image of the lavish life led by him. He is one of the most coveted sportspersons over millions present around the world. WWE considers him as the ‘golden goose’ of the brand. We have seen how he carried helping this brand for over 15 years.

No other superstar, be it from past or present have had such amount of load on his shoulder. It is one of the reasons that the franchise player’s life has never been normal. John already had two breakups in personal life that made his journey tougher. But then again he can enjoy fruitful life courtesy of the hard work he had done.

We will try to give an overview of Cena’s entire career perspective throughout this articles. Also, you’d have a brief sketch of the John Cena house that has now become his pride. It is no less than a must-see spot in Florida. It has years of hard work, blood, sweat, and emotions written all over it.

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John Felix Anthony Cena was never going to be a wrestler earlier in his career. He started as a small town boy with body-building dreams in mind. Later he tried his luck as a car driver. He used to work for a limousine company in his native land of West Newbury, Massachusetts.

But it was not enough to fulfill the dreams of a teenage boy with full potential. He tried his luck in pro-wrestling business and got a contract through Ultimate Pro Wrestling. Later he moved on to the developmental territory of the WWE them known as OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling).

John Cena.
John Cena.

We ought to note that WWE always has these kinds of developmentals under their banner to bring new talents. McMahon undertook multiple such promotions like OVW, FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) or ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling). The officials always considered John Cena as one of the brightest names under OVW.

But the problem was the bunch that OVW had was of an elite class. Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Batista, Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin and more were wrestling alongside him. It was tough for him to break through the scene in the presence of these mammoth names.

OVW officials billed him as ‘The Prototype’ from Massachusetts. It’s worth to note that he started his career as a heel guy. It helped him to win the OVW Heavyweight Championship that lasted longer for three months. It was the turning point of his career after which the main roster call-up was waiting.

It was in June 2002 when John Cena made his debut on Smackdown Live. WWE officials retained the same heel gimmick for him. It was the first and last time that we saw him playing the role of a villainous guy. Fans could wish to see this version of him more on TV.

Unfortunately, the creative team noticed the potential for a prime babyface in him. So they turned his character 180 degrees with the ‘Ruthless Aggression’ tag attached to it. It changed the course of the company that marked the end of the Attitude Era. John Cena became the face of the new era of Ruthless Aggression.

He started elevating his level by competing against the elite names present in the Smackdown Locker room. Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Chris Benoit were the notable wrestlers here. Cena earned his first title by winning the US championship from Booker T in a solid feud.

John Cena
John Cena made his debut on Smackdown.

After that, the WWE officials went straight to give him a push to the main event scene. The rest is history, as we have seen one of the most organic rises in the history of the company. John Cena vs JBL will always be a classic feud that culminated in Wrestlemania 21. It was the first main event for Cena at the biggest stage of the year.

He created history by dethroning JBL from his longest reign. The biggest headache for the creative team was to choose the new franchise player of the brand once The Rock left. Batista was the other guy that had quite the support from the crowd. So he gave a tough competition to him.

But in the end, the Wrestlemania 21 main eventer went ahead to become the face of the company. There was no looking back for him since that point. WWE took the right decision, as Batista would later leave the brand.

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He quit at a time when WWE brought out all the negative heat of the fans towards him. John Cena stuck to his business considering WWE his family. His first marriage came to an end due to the rigorous schedule that did not allow him to spend quality time with his wife. Despite this, he always gave priority to his employer.

I mean, what more could a company ask from its franchise player? John Cena delivered to the fullest extent and had gone on to become a 16-time world champion. Only Ric Flair has the same amount of title reigns under his name. If predictions are right, the Cenation Leader will break it by the time he hangs up his boots.

Currently, Roman Reigns replaced him as the new poster boy of the WWE. It allowed John Cena to work on a lighter schedule. He earned the same by working hard in his entire life. It helps him to spend some time in the infamous John Cena house in Tampa, Florida.

John Cena house
Top view of John Cena house.

Cena knew his position in the company would change starting from 2014 with the arrival of Roman Reigns. So he moved from Massachusetts to Tampa to enjoy times in one of the most beautiful locations around the world. In the meantime, Nikki Bella also entered in his life to make it heaven.

If one thing was missing from his life was romance. A very few women would ‘love to love’ a man who has such grueling schedule. It gives him the least amount of time for his near and dear ones. He may have been over with a tighter a huge in the WWE, but Hollywood booked him with numerous projects.

Nevertheless, WWE considered both John and Nikki as their franchise players of the brand. So they earned the biggest paycheques above all. It helped these two to build the mesmerizing John Cena house which became a shooting spot for the Total Divas crew.

For those who have followed the reality TV series, they know how much this villa meant to the show. The Total Divas crew overtook the house for its filming process. They could not ask for a better location in the picturesque backdrop of Tampa. The couple invested their savings for this gigantic John Cena house.

After giving so much to the company, they had every right to experience a luxurious kind of life. Here we will try to provide you with an insider look of the showpiece we are talking about,

John Cena House
Grand Entry of John Cena’s house.

The Grand Entry

While entering the house, one can get the hints of what’s more is waiting for them inside it. The staircase will steal the show. WWE and E Network used it as the poster of Total Bellas first season. Below it, there’s a designed sitting place for the guests arriving in the house.

Gentlemen’s room

The franchise player wants to spend some time with himself or the buddies he has around Tampa. He also likes to call it as the Cigar room where only gentlemen can enter. No women even Nikki had the permit to enter this area. Sometimes, Cena likes to have a cigar or two to let himself free from stress in this place.

John Cena house
John Cena house

Swimming pool

The outer portion of John Cena house is worth to watch from the overview. Bulletproof glass sealed it from everywhere around the pool. It is no less than a Disney-themed waterpark. It has water rides with several twists and turns. We have seen him spending quality times with Nikki Bella around this pool. Even the WWE Divas division or Nikki’s closest friends gave a visit to this place to enjoy summertime.

Nikki’s gigantic closet

Mentioning this one is a little bit awkward for me since Nikki Bella is no more with John Cena. They have officially called it a quit. So it is likely that this place will move away from the favorites John Cena house. But skipping this section will be like not mentioning the wardrobe mantra for the fashionista that Nikki is today.

The left side of the closet contained clothes and shoes of Nikki Bella. It sized no less than a room! The rest of the room is for getting ready for any event or parties. Basically, she could use it as the trial room before showing up in media calls. No wonder why Nikki Bella used to call it the most favorite part of the John Cena house.

John Cena’s Guest House

The guest house was an integral part of this gigantic mansion. The Bella family used to give frequent visits to this place making it worth. It’s mandatory to note that size of this portion of the house is the entire house that Daniel Bryan possessed in Aberdeen, Washington, DC! We have seen the leader of the YES movement mentioning this for a few times in the Total Divas show.

When the reality show introduced us to the John Cena house, the owner spelled certain rules. Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect did not want anyone to spoil the beauty of this structure. So, he wanted everyone around the Bella Family to follow the rules with due attention. Sometimes we have thought John Cena to be quite annoying with these. But then again, we would have done the same after possessing such a showpiece.

John Cena’s cars

We have mentioned that the sixteen-time world champion started his career as a driver in Massachusetts. From there onwards, he picked the nag of collecting new vehicles. It is nothing strange for a couple like John Cena and Nikki Bella who wanted to live life on a finer note. Seldom they have gone for a long ride with the chosen cars.

John Cena loves to travel in vintage cars which is why the 1971 AMC Hornet SC/360 is one of the favorites of him.

We have seen a brief history of his cars in the Bella Twins Youtube channel when the couple was together. It spilled out the 1984 Cadillac Coupe DeVille was the first card that he bought.

John Cena House
John Cena House

WWE also used this habit of him in a wrestling environment during Wrestlemania 23. It was one of the coolest entrances for the poster boy of the company. He smashed a glass ceiling while entering the arena in Detroit, Michigan with a Ford Mustang.

Shawn Michaels was his victim that night on his third consecutive main event match at the showcase of immortals. This entrance cost WWE a whopping amount of $100000 to have perfect execution.

One year before that John Cena tried an entrance with a Chicago vehicle at Wrestlemania 22. Bodyguards surrounded him (including Chicago’s own CM Punk) to escort him to the ramp. WWE never used any car entrance for him after these two events.

Well, that brings up a wrap for the mentionable parts of the John Cena house. You can cherish the pictures and videos given here to embrace the beauty of this structure. But we wonder how lonely John Cena might feel now that Nikki Bella has left. There’s no Bella Queen or Bella family there to live here.

We wish Nikki and John to rekindle their old flames in due course making the split up news to be false. We wonder if that happens or not. Currently, they are looking forward to moving on in their lives, separately. Cena has already moved to a new house in San Diego. So we wonder whether this amazing John Cena house will be the same again.

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