Reason Why WWE Allowed Ronda Rousey To Go Beyond Their Rules

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WWE News: Reason Why WWE Allowed Ronda Rousey To Go Beyond Their Rules 

WWE News: Reason Why WWE Allowed Ronda Rousey To Go Beyond Their Rules
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Hype-ups for the potential Wrestlemania main event has started a long time ago. It will be Ronda Rousey defending the WWE Raw Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in a triple threat match. The storyline for this title match has been a long-term one since the fall of 2018. There has been multiple twists and turns throughout the buildup.

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Becky Lynch has been the focal point in the scenario since she is the hottest superstar in sports entertainment, today. After winning the Women’s Royal Rumble 2019, she overshadowed everyone on the roster until now. Ronda Rousey took her spotlight by going berserk on everybody put into her way. She turned heel on the past edition of WWE Raw.

This was a long time coming since the fans were booing her despite the dedications shown towards pro-wrestling. Ronda Rousey unloaded an onslaught attack on Becky Lynch. She went out of script while beating up The Man to make it look real. That was not it for WWE Raw women’s champion as went bad-mouth against the fans, again.

It was complete non-PG actions breaking WWE rule. She continued to do so even after showing up for a live event in Toronto. The talking smack thing continued towards the fans in attendance as to solidify her heel-turn into perfection. But the question is why WWE officials are allowing her to talk so much nonsense on a constant basis.

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WWE is furious on Ronda Rousey

Dave Meltzer noted the topic on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Apparently, WWE officials do want more attention towards the potential Wrestlemania main event. This is why they are letting Ronda Rousey making so many controversial comments so that the WWE Universe can opine on these. The plan has been successful as everybody is talking about the champion’s actions.

Here’s more from the source,

“I think that’s one goal. I think the bigger goal is to get people outside of wrestling talking about Ronda Rousey is in the main event of WrestleMania and we’re not sure what’s happening and it’s Ronda Rousey who was a pretty big public figure and get ESPN talking about it and things like that.”

Also, the garbages coming out WWE Raw women’s champion is directed to the pro-wrestling circuit, itself. She has mentioned this sport as a fake one that has garnered more mainstream attention than ever. What more WWE creative can ask than this? For now, Ronda Rousey breaking the rules and executing shoot assaults should continue moving forward to Wrestlemania.

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