Earlier, WWE announced an upcoming show on Facebook that was named a Mixed Match Challenge. WWE’s male and female superstars will team up in mixed tag team matches which will be streaming on Facebook starting on January 16th.

The participants in this contest were confirmed from both Raw and Smackdown Live by the concerned general managers of the shows.

Now, it is quite interesting to see WWE trying to come up with an agreement to host a show on the giant social media platform rather than hosting it on the WWE Network which is the exclusive channel to watch the WWE programming. The speculations of these two agreeing are up on the social media for quite sometimes.

In a recent report from CNET, WWE trying to finalise a contract with Facebook is an effort to claim their dominance on the social media platforms as well as to claim monetary benefits, too. If the upcoming Mixed Match Challenge show gets big success, then it is likely that more shows will get hosted in this manner. Also, this particular show is expected to air on the WWE Network, as well.

The source also suggested WWE shuffling around the social media behemoths like Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon to make a deal that might be worth up to $400 million which is almost three times better than the current deal with USA Network. Check out updates from SportsKeeda.com,

“According to CNET, WWE is exploring potential deals with giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon. The Mixed Match Challenge is apparently WWE’s way of testing the waters for the same. The report suggests that WWE is underpaid for their current television deal with USA Network which values up to $140 Million.”

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter has also opined on the matter stating that it is needed that WWE should focus on such a big deal with these tech giants.

The reason behind this is that the profit and growth from the WWE Live Events and Network-special events are limited, whereas, getting a huge amount, as TV rights fee by virtue of a potential deal would provide benefit to the company.

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