WWE News: Rey Mysterio might sign up with the Impact Wrestling

WWE News: Rey Mysterio Might Sign With The Impact Wrestling Promotion

Rey Mysterio departed WWE on a bittersweet note in the year 2014. He was not given a handful of tasks in hand at that point which caused some creative differences between him and WWE. So, he decided to quit the company blaming it on Vince McMahon which further created major rifts between him and WWE. These speculations also suggested that he might not come back to WWE, ever.

Ever since then, he is working constantly on the independent scene. The Mexico-based Lucha Underground promotion has made the most by using him appropriately. Furthermore, he also appeared in the What Culture Pro-wrestling and new Japan Pro-wrestling events, as well.

Now, there are some constant rumours which hint that he is willing to finish his career on a high note and willing to return to the WWE. But, at this point, considering his age; the company might not be looking to bring him back on the main roster. Hence, he might be forced to the second biggest wrestling promotion of USA, Impact Wrestling.

Recently, Rey Mysterio appeared in an interview with Sports Illustrated and talked about whether he is open to working any other wrestling promotion or not. He came up with a positive nod and revealed the one factor which is holding him from signing with The Impact. Check out his statement on the same:

“I was actually in conversations a while back with Impact about doing some shows. To be honest with you, it’s not that I don’t want to go work for them, it’s just like I didn’t have it in my game plan. I also didn’t have Lucha Underground in my game plan before it was created.

The Master of 619 also pointed out the reason behind the saying indicating that signing with The Impact will not allow him to provide some dream matches for the fans. Here’s what he further clarified:

“If the circumstances were right, I wouldn’t mind going. I’m not interested in signing a contractual deal, but I would love to do some shows. People want to see diversity in their opponents and fans want to see their dream matches. If people want to see a match-up, let’s make it happen.”

With that being said, we can’t expect to witness Rey Mysterio back in the main league of pro-wrestling business. The season 3 of Lucha Underground will continue on the El Rey Network with the high-flyer continuing to perform there.