After months of friction between him and the company Ryback left the WWE for good. The man with the “Feed Me More” chant further announced the launch of as to deal with his own clothing line and nutritional supplements. A book written by him is also about to publish whereas he started hosting his own podcast. In a recent episode, he revealed the shocking facts that led him to the last of his WWE career. (quotes are courtesy SportsKeeda)

He started with talking about his conversation with WWE COO Triple H, “Me and Hunter had many conversations in that last year and they were quite heated at times. And I would tell him, ‘it’s not about the money’ and he goes, ‘it sounds like it’s completely about the money’. No, and he finally understood when we were finally done with our last talk. It was about creative and it was about limiting me as a brand because I am responsible for my brand, the Ryback brand, the Feed Me More brand, that I believe so strongly in.

And when I’m told that I have to go out there and lose in two minutes or not have any buildup for a pay-per-view match, which happened time and time again, when I’m not given opportunities to do promos and be myself, that’s what truly bothers me.”

Ryback also told that Vince McMahon came up with various false hopes towards him due to which he was lost from the main event scenario since 2012.

“When I had that new contract offered to me by Vince, I’d been lied to at different times throughout my career there and that was something – I’d always been very loyal to them and I’ve given them everything that I’ve had at every moment.

I think it’s just booking stuff and opportunities and just different situations. The particular thing I was lied to about after we came to terms on the money, which wasn’t about the money.

It was about being lied to and the commitment and the things in the past with merchandise and things that we’ll talk about. And he told me, essentially, that he was going to make me his number one heel [and] he was going to put the title on me.”

Ryback competed in his last match at the Payback PPV and was sent back to home the next night from Raw. It was the night when the rift between him and the company was made public. Here’s what happened at that night in his own words.

“I got there that day and I saw the direction we were going for the TV after having the pay-per-view match that we had. And so, now I felt like we were just going to run me into the ground before I left and get me as low as we possibly get me. We’ve seen them do it with guys and the booking that I saw for that day was ‘you are a piece of s–t and we’re going to tell these people that you’re a piece of s–t’. And you know what? I’m not a piece of s–t. I’m not.

And I’m done being walked on, living in fear, and that was the day I told [Mark] Carrano, ‘take me off this f–king TV show. I’m done.’ I never saw Vince. I didn’t want to see him. I’d had too many conversations with him where he lied to me.”

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