The Miz & Shane McMahon Becomes A Tag Team On Smackdown
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WWE News: The Miz And Shane McMahon Officially Becomes Tag Team On Smackdown

Over the years, we have seen the strangest of tag team on the roster. It was the most unthinkable duos that have decided to team up together and eventually became successful. The likes of Booker T-Goldust, Daniel Bryan-Kane, Heath Slater-Rhyno are the prime examples of this tradition. Last night was something similar when we witnessed another unlikely duo to officially announce their association on Smackdown Live.

The Miz and Shane McMahon are the two concerned names who announced that they will now be a tag team, officially. The commissioner of the show has been hearing the pledge of The Hollywood A-lister for the past several weeks about the same. The Miz is sticking to him to form a tag team ever since Crown Jewel has passed by. In case you have forgotten, we want to take you back to the event’s happenings.

The Miz was the one to represent Smackdown Live and go to the finale match. Dolph Ziggler was his opponent on a night that had the opportunity for their respective brands to reign supreme over another. In between the match, The Miz has tweaked his knee and was not medically cleared to compete. Shane McMahon replaced him and won the match and thereby earned the ‘best in the world’ trophy.

This made The Miz thinking about that they are the co-besties on Smackdown Live. Going as a tag team, they might seem stronger than ever. He was so desperate to do it that he did not even hesitate to go down on his knees begging younger McMahon for the same. Well last night, Shane-O-Mac finally listened to his pledge on a special edition of Miz TV.

Shane McMahon has one of the reasons to deny the idea of his future partner since he has to manage the roster being the commissioner. But The Miz pointed out that now all the McMahon family will be by his side to run the shows as per their confirmation. So he should be having enough time to compete inside the ring as a performer.

This seemed viable logic to Shane-O-Mac who finally gave a green signal to the A-lister. This former the tag team on Smackdown that might have a potential to do big things in due course. WWE creative should have enough investment on them since they have executed this move. Wrestlemania season is coming ahead and it seems Shane McMahon will be an integral part of it.

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