Trish Stratus Responded To Her Resemblance With Mandy Rose

WWE News: Trish Stratus Responded to her Resemblance with Mandy Rose

Trish Stratus, Mandy Rose

It might be strange but true as the WWE Universe might have found a resemblance of the iconic female performer in the WWE, Trish Stratus. Where we might not get another talent like the Toronto-native used to be in the company, but we can certainly get a lookalike. That what happened on social media, recently.

In the official Instagram page of WWE NXT, a picture was posted where we could spot two NXT female talents, Mandy Rose and Vanessa Borne, posing together. The picture was taken at the backstage area of the house show that was hosted from Rochester, New York that is the same show where Tye Dillinger returned for a one-off stint.

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Trish Stratus – courtesy WWE

WWE News: Trish Stratus Responded to her Resemblance with Mandy Rose

An enthusiastic WWE fan has found a similarity between Mandy Rose and Trish Stratus and went on to point it out on his Twitter profile. He tagged the WWE Hall of Famer in the picture by the virtue of which she noticed it and responded.

In a positive note, the most famous WWE female superstar of all time confirmed that Mandy indeed looks like her. The NXT roster member also replied back to the tweet stating that it is crazy that she is being compared to her inspiration.

This topic started trending on social media as many fans started pointing out more resemblance between the two superstars. If you check out the given photographs here, you can find that Mandy does look quite familiar with Trish Stratus back from her earlier days in 2000.

While Trish Stratus does not need any introduction, some of you might not be aware of the name of Mandy Rose. She is the one who is better known for her glam quotient on the NXT roster rather than her in-ring talent.

Trish Stratus
Trish Stratus – courtesy Google

It also led her joining the cast of the WWE Total Divas, two years ago. She was mostly seen giving company to Eva Marie in that one-off stint on the reality TV series. The latter one has already quit the company, earlier this year.