WWE News: Update on The Rock returning for a full-time stint

WWE News: Update on The Rock Returning for a Full-Time Stint

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WWE built The Rock, as the people’s champion during his heyday. Certain characters in the WWE are unmatchable, and he is one of those superstars like Stone Cold, The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels.

Vince McMahon can try to come up with replacements for them. But, it’s almost impossible to find a name who can fill their shoes.

The Rock had his last WWE tenure around 2013. He became the WWE Champion for one last time during his feuds against CM Punk and John Cena. There’s no denying the Brahma-bull is still the biggest attraction on live TV for the company. So, the more he makes appearances on it, the more it’ll help the WWE tv ratings.

The fans know it very well that he can’t come back to wrestling due to his Hollywood career. The success he received in the film industry is incomparable, as well. But, it is also right that the seven-time WWE Champion still possesses the same passion for wrestling. The fact that he returned to headline Wrestlemania, a few years ago proved this.

So, Mike Johnson of PWInsider Radio suggested it entirely depends on The Rock. If he believes in going for one full-time stint, it can still happen. When The Rock came back in 2013, his movie schedule was no less than now. But, he found a way to be back in his home. There are chances that the same would happen, again,

“And when you look at it, who’s out there that is a marquee star that you could build around? The easy answer is The Rock, but I don’t see The Rock taking any time off from anything he’s doing to work on a wrestling project full-time. The Rock could certainly do it if he wanted to do it but I don’t see him ever wanting to do it.”

Another bar for his return would be the movie producers and the insurance stars of the film. The Rock suffered a pectoral injury during his Wrestlemania match against John Cena. It pushed back his schedule for Hercules movie that released in 2014. He did not compete in full-time wrestling matches ever since then.

The Rock has been a constant name in Wrestlemania since returning in the WWE in 2011. But, that came to an end in 2016. We have not spotted him in the 33rd and 34th edition of the shows. There’s no update whether he will be back soon or not.