WWE News: Update On When Rey Mysterio Might Sign A WWE Contract

WWE News: Update on When Rey Mysterio Might Sign a WWE Contract

Ever since Rey Mysterio showed up at the Royal Rumble match in 2018, the speculations are more than higher of his return in the WWE programming.

The segment where he featured received the biggest pop of the night. In Youtube, his returning video got the highest number of hits by the fans which are also the highest, as per this year’s stats, too.

It indicates that how much popularity he possesses, globally. The fans do want to see him back on board for one last stint. He is still a free agent which is why there are chances that he might decide to sign a deal with the company shortly. Previous updates suggested he is open to coming back if the demands gets fulfilled.

Ever since he left WWE in 2014, Lucha underground has been his residence for the better part of his indie stint. But, he decided not to re-sign with the company since WWE would be a perfect place for him to finish his career. However, there are certain ifs and buts before he comes back to his former employer.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter spoke up on this matter assuming when a likely deal might get signed between Rey Mysterio and WWE. According to his reports, the former world heavyweight champion is not likely to be seen in WWE, in this year. Instead, early 2019 might be a great option to start the last stint of his career.

However, there’s no way that he will work in a full-time purpose in the company. Rather, a role-like Chris Jericho would be much preferable for him, (courtesy SportsKeeda.com)

“Meltzer believes that Mysterio’s isn’t signing a full-time deal anytime soon and will rather instead sign a part-time contract with the WWE within the next year. Apparently, the likeliest possibility from here onwards for Mysterio is to pen down a deal much like his colleague and close friend Chris Jericho.”

The master of 619 is having a one-off stint with the New-Japan Pro-wrestling promotion, as well. These part-time performances will continue for him even in the WWE. He will work mostly in the televised episodes while focusing on the other projects outside the promotion, too. It will be interesting to see whether the officials intend to offer him such a contract or not.

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