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Former WWE NXT Superstar and the current AEW Star Tay Conti deleted her Twitter account to become a trending name on the internet. There’s no update on whether it’s a temporary thing or a permanent move but the assumption is that a rumor forced her to do so. The fans believe that she is dating fellow AEW star Sammy Guevera just after he announced break up with her girlfriend.

Former WWE NXT Star Tay Conti Deletes Twitter Account Following Dating Rumors 1

Before Tay Conti deactivated her Twitter account, AEW’s TNT Champion Sammy Guevara announced yesterday that he’s no longer engaged to Pam Nizio after spending time together for 8 years,

“I know a lot of you have supported us for a long time and we have appreciated it so much over the past several years.
Since you’ve all given us so much love and support we figured we owed it to y’all to let you know that we are no longer in a relationship. We still love each other and wish nothing but the best for one another. We would appreciate your kindness and respect to our privacy during this time.”

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Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara are rumoredly dating

Due to the earlier social media exchanges between the two, there have been rumors that Sammy is dating fellow AEW wrestler Tay Conti. The latter has recently begun being a part of Sammy’s vlogs and hence some might also consider the Brazilian superstar to be the reason behind the split of Sam and Pam.

Both Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara featured in a video as the two even addressed the rumors that they are “scre*ing”.

“You read all the comments?” Sammy asked Tay.
“About?” she replied.
“Apparently, you and I are screwing,” Sammy said. Tay then gave a sighing expression.

“Come here,” Tay Conti instructed the camera. “Show it, show it.” The camera panned around her body as she asked, “Really?” leaving everyone present at the scene in laughter.

Former WWE NXT Star Tay Conti Deletes Twitter Account Following Dating Rumors 2

Previously, Tay Conti revealed through her Instagram Stories, that she had been separated from her husband. “Nope, we have been separated for a long time [kiss face emoji]” she responded to a fan asking about her husband.

Tay Conti married Jorge Conti, a Brazilian Judo fighter, in 2017. There’s no update on when the two called their relationship a quit.

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