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WWE Raw: Ambrose gets payback on Brock Lesnar

There’s no way that a beast and two brothers can get away of the contract signing in a civil fashion. After eating the devastating F-5 last week on RAW, Dean Ambrose was waiting to get his hands on the beast. It ended about as well as last Monday’s brawl did, with Ambrose eating another F-5 and Reigns taking the contract table to the face.

Surprisingly, Dean did not back down to challenge the beast once more as he invited the conqueror once again to get him.


Dean Ambrose sprints down to the ring. Ambrose grabs a mic and asks if what Lesnar did to him earlier was an F2 or an F3 because it couldn’t have been an F5. He thought F5 were supposed to hurt. Lesnar doesn’t respond. Ambrose goes on to say that maybe Triple h was right. Maybe Suplex City has gone soft. Lesnar’s comes out on the ramp, laughing. Heyman doesn’t look amused. Before Lesnar gets to the ring, Ambrose attacks him. Lesnar swats him like a fly. Lesnar almost throws Ambrose through the barricade. Lesnar tosses Ambrose into the ring to continue the beat down.

Ambrose crawls toward Lesnar instead of away. Lesnar F5’s Ambrose and walks away. Ambrose rolls over and tells Lesnar to get back to the ring. Lesnar gets in the ring, but Reigns music hits. While Lesnar is distracted Ambrose almost cuts Lesnar in half with a low blow. Ambrose limps up the ramp up to Reigns and says he told him he would get him before collapsing on the ramp.

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