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Liv Morgan has become the most discussed WWE Superstar in recent times over her antics with Judgment Day member Dominik Mysterio. Good times started for her after Wrestlemania 40 as she sidelined Rhea Ripley and then became the Women’s World Champion. To garner more attention from the fans, she then started a romantic angle with Dominik which is flourishing day by day.

Through her mind games, Liv Morgan is essentially working hard to get into the heads of The Judgment Day members as she continues flirting with Dominik Mysterio. After continuing with these tricks on TV, she is taking to social media platform X to share more content around it. A fan-made video highlighting her recent interactions with Dominik has been shared where Dominik and Rhea Ripley were tagged.

Liv Morgan Had Interesting Response At WWE Fan Wanting Her To Be Injured

For weeks, Liv Morgan has been utilizing her momentums to be a part of Judgment Day. After winning the Women’s World Championship from Becky Lynch at WWE King and Queen of the Ring, these attempts became direct as she wanted to associate herself with Dom-Dom. This would be another way to push Rhea Ripley out of the group when the former champion returns from injury.

Liv Morgan desperate to take everything away from Rhea Ripley

Dom reminded Liv Morgan that when Rhea Ripley comes back on WWE Raw, she’s going to kill her. In reply, it was reminded that Rhea is probably going to kill Dominik too. However, Liv also promised that she’d make it all worthwhile for Dom after being willing to take everything away from Rhea, including Dominik.

Ever since planting the passionate kiss on Dominik Mysterio on the May 27 episode of Raw, Liv Morgan remained the talk of the town within the WWE Universe. After keeping the fans buzzing about that kiss for a few days, the women’s world champion was back on this week’s Raw to continue that angle further, trying to get closer to Dom-Dom.

Once the show was over, Liv Morgan continued her advances towards Dominik as she took to her X handle and dropped a photo of herself blowing another kiss to Dominik’s poster on a WWE production truck. She also made a bold claim with the caption, “I kissed a boy and I liked it.”

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