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Damian Priest has just won the World Heavyweight Championship and he’s subsequently received a new challenger on WWE Raw. During the post Wrestlemania edition of WWE’s flagship show, WWE hosted a match to determine the new challenger and it saw interference from CM Punk to alter the outcome.

In the main event of this week’s WWE Raw, Jey Uso defeated Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, and Bronson Reed in a Fatal-4-Way match to become the new number-one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

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WWE Raw: Jey Uso receives title match opportunity

Drew went for the Claymore Kick but CM Punk interfered from the commentary table and stopped him from hitting Jey with the move by holding his leg. Jey countered with a kick followed by a Frogsplash off the top rope to secure the pinfall win on WWE Raw.

Jey previously defeated Jimmy Uso in a Brother vs. Brother matchup at Wrestlemania XL and now he’s approaching the biggest opportunity of his career. No update was given on WWE Raw regarding when he will get to challenge Damian Priest for the world title.

Two nights ago, Priest won the World Heavyweight Championship on the Night Two of WrestleMania 40, cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on Drew McIntyre. Shortly before that cash-in, McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins in the opening match of the event to become a three-time world champion but his reign didn’t last long.

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Addressing his loss on WWE Raw, McIntyre said that some people are happy that he lost the World Heavyweight Championship in 5 minutes, but it’s still longer than most of these people would last in bed.

McIntyre also mentioned the new world champion Damian Priest to be a bondage Undertaker who scre*ed things up. He also affirmed that he was coming for Priest and that he would only be a transitional champion.

Addressing CM Punk and his appearance at WrestleMania 40, he blamed him for losing the World Heavyweight Title to Priest. McIntyre also declared that the next time he sees Punk, he’s going straight for his entire body. Ultimately, Punk again cost him the title match opportunity as the feud will continue on WWE Raw.

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