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WWE Raw Results November 9, 2015 

As the WWE championship is shown vacated inside the ring, Triple H comes out in the ring to acknowledge the crowd and goes on praising the former champion Seth Rollins who had relinquished the title due to a knee injury. Triple H added, despite all the odds he faced, he went on proving how great champion he was and then called out the number one contender Roman Reigns for the title to decide his fate.

As the big dog enters the ring with his eyes on the WWE title Triple H offers him to take the vacated place of Rollins and to be “The Man” and he had to do nothing but will have the honor to face the finalist of the soon to be held tournament at the Survivor Series PPV. Or, he could simply deny the offer and go back in the line for the title. Quite rightly the big man denied and the tournament started with Reigns being in the first match and thereby giving his earlier victories drained all the way.

WWE Raw Results November 9, 2015 1

Roman Reigns vs. Big show

Despite being thrown to the Largest Athlete of the world who took a handout from the authority one Survivor Series ago, Reigns clawed his way to the quarter-finals by giving a valiant effort. Though the giant was dominant throughout the match the last gasp was left in Reigns who gave a superman punch which followed with a swift spear to take him to the next round.


Kevin Owens vs. Titus O’Neil

Titus was all over Owens at the start of the match. But the brash heel superstar made a comeback by driving O’Neil into the barricade. Owens’ trash talks continued inside the ring with moves like superkicks and a Senton. Titus managed to come back by giving him a slam. But the arrogant Owens destroyed the former Tag champ with a pop-up powerbomb to meet Reigns in the tournaments next.


Paige vs. Becky Lynch

The anti-diva gets her hands on the Irish Becky who is supported no less supported here in Manchester arena. Maybe that is the reason she was extra fuelled and managed to grab the bottom rope after getting hit by a Rampage. After that, Becky managed to outsmart the anti-diva by pulling her tights and picking up the win. Though she paid the price after the match when Paige attacked her viciously and locked up the PTO on the announce table. Charlotte was out for the save.


Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

This time, they are not engaged in a battle of Cleveland, but the fellow Ohioans meet to decide who will advance to the next level of the World Heavyweight championship tournament as both the former world champs have the opportunity to regain the throne once again. The Miz was still probably a little salty over the fact that his head got into the pumpkins two weeks ago on Smackdown and set Ziggler’s leg for figure-four leg lock. With every effort being countered by Miz, Ziggler finally managed to deliver a superkick to pick up the victory.

Natalya vs. Naomi

Natalya still was in the hunt for the leader of the Team BAD as she took on Naomi this time and had her second victory over them. As the crowd was with “We want Sasha” chant, it allowed The Queen of hearts to send Naomi into Tamina and then followed it with a roll-up to pick up the win. But Sasha and her teammates got their hands on her to get a payback as Sasha put the Bank Statement on her for good measure.


Sheamus vs. Cesaro

A surprise shows up from the Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney in the ringside had helped Cesaro to pick the win. It was all Sheamus until Cesaro backflipped his way from an Irish curse backbreaker to swing the momentum shifted in his way. A vicious suplex over the rope left him with one arm, but that did not stop the Uppercut Express driving the Celtic Warrior over the Barricade which instigated a face-off between Wayne Rooney and King Barrett and the Bloody king was graced with a slap in his face from the captain. Sheamus was distracted by the incident, which allowed Cesaro to roll up him for the victory.


Dean Ambrose vs. Tyler Breeze

The Prince pretty made his in-ring debut with this match, but The Lunatic Fringe smacked his face with his fist to advance to the next level of the tournament. Though Dean took a nasty spill top-rope dropkick and was left with only one arm. Breeze took the advantage by pushing him to the every ring post he possibly could have. But dean finally surprised him by delivering a Surprise package and advancing to the next round of the tournament.


The New Day vs. The Usos and Neville

The New Day said it was a travesty that neither of them was involve in the tournament and they dedicate their match to captain Rollins! The Usos’ electric moves were neutralized quite handily by the tag champs until Neville entered the match to shift the momentum. But Kofi did manage to distract the referee by sliding the trombone inside the ring which allowed Big E to thwart the Red Arrow and pick up the win.


Bray Wyatt eulogized The Undertaker and Kane

Bray Wyatt and his family come to the ring to celebrate the spirits of The Undertaker and Kane. Ha asks for a moment of silence to for the Brothers of Destruction as he poses on the ring. A video package starts playing in the Tron as lightening hit the turnbuckles and Undertaker’s music hit and both Taker and Kane shows up in the ramp. Bray has no idea how the two brothers managed to show up in Manchester. A brawl breaks out as the two brothers clean house sending Strowman over the announce table which follows by delivering a double chokeslam to Wyatt. It’s now time for the Wyatts to run.

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