WWE Raw video: John Cena attitude adjusts the The Club

WWE Raw video: John Cena helps The New Day

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WWE Raw comes live in our way this week from the CHESAPEAKE ENERGY ARENA, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. Last week marked the triumphant return of the man with Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, John Cena but that got decimated by the AJ Styles and his Japanese brethren. So this week John Cena comes out to the ring to address Styles in the ring.
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With the dream match between him and Styles already being announced at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Cena calls out Styles on WWE Raw and the crowd is all over the place with the “Let’s go, Cena, AJ Styles” chants. Cena asks Styles why he would do that and take the shortest route possible to decimate Cena. AJ Styles says it was part of his plan to shake hands with Cena and give a punch to his face.

Cena says that Styles is a failure as he failed to win the Royal Rumble and beat Roman Reigns despite getting two title shots. With Styles in the ring, Cena asks why he is not coming one-on-one in the ring but taking the Club with him. Styles says the Club is his insurance policy and surrounds the ring. The New day comes in Cena’s corner and the Club backs off.

Later in the main event, The New day takes on The Club. With the rivalry heating up between them the two teams go into war. Before even the bell rings the two team attacks each other. Xavier Woods eats a Styles Clash in the floor and is taken out to the locker room. In the match, despite all the efforts by the tag team champions, they end up being the victim of the Phenomenal forearm at the end. The Club is not satisfied with the victory, whatsoever and continues to stomp Big E and Kingston inside the ring. Cena comes out to make the save and the Club ends the night with a Big Ending – Attitude Adjustment combo as WWE Raw goes off the air.