So, should we consider that finally the breaking point is here? The commander himself has lost faith on the most trusted soldier and without any option whatsoever he is listening to the WWE universe. Yes, we are talking about the commander-in-chief Vince McMahon and the trusted soldier aka Roman Reigns.
According to the reports from, Vince McMahon has become weary regarding the Roman Reigns scenario. The heat around the WWE World Heavyweight champion is growing day by day and Vince is not liking it, either. He has tried everything possible to put the champion on the fans but with no momentum going with the fans and no merchandise sale increasing with Reigns, he perhaps on the verge to end the Roman Empire.
The recent championship storyline that is going on with AJ Styles and Reigns, also includes the former Bullet Club members, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson. These three are world renowned athletes and apparently WWE is facing a lot of heats from every corner of the world after once again trying to put over Reigns with these veterans. The scenario is like this Roma Empire concept has to be built by hook or crook.

Whereas popular belief was that Reigns career graph will eventually take a Rock or Stone Cold like turn after a heel turn followed with a face turn, WWE bookings looked him like he was force-fed into being cheered by the WWE Universe. Pre-WrestleMania season saw him getting put over by the entire McMahon family. Hell, they even tried to protect him from the direct heat of the fans by changing his entrance.
With nothing left in hand, Vince’s patience has gone so weak that he might try to promote NXT talents like Samoa Joe, Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura to the main roster earlier than expected. The injury of AJ Styles is another reason why we can see Finn Balor to debut on the main roster very soon. Though in opposition Triple H has suggested continuing Reigns’ push so strong so that can result in a huge match between Cena and Reigns at Summerslam, according to the reports of As of now, the Feud between Styles and Reigns will continue till Money in the Bank.

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