Huge match at Summerslam as Shane-Stephanie McMahon feud starts

WWE Rumors: Rivalry between Shane and Stephanie starts over brand split

Now, as a WWE fan, you were surprised to co-exist Shane and Stephanie McMahon together as Monday Night Raw runners. After all, they are the McMahons, the best known dysfunctional family in the history. So, it is evident that a rift is bound to come and it might just get start anytime soon. The cracks have appeared and it will wide in the upcoming days.
You will not feel comfortable Stephanie McMahon doing the right things in the right ways all of a sudden, not at all. Especially, after that horrendous villainous act at Wrestlemania her sudden face turn and get on the same page with Shane McMahon was a head-turner. Ever since the siblings agreed to let their differences set aside and run Raw together, WWE Universe is waiting for that moment when Stephanie McMahon turns heel and her true color. We can’t bear seeing Stephanie doing the “over the audience” acts. No more.

The upcoming brand split might just act as the exploding factor between the two. According to the reports of the, the forthcoming weeks will see greater strains in the relationship between them. It will eventually lead up to the brand split on July 19th, and this will decide who will be in charge of which brand. Any details about the upcoming rivalry are yet to be figured out but we can expect another upcoming installment of the McMahon family saga in the months to come. And, when it comes to the family, McMahons deliver it the beast way possible.
We have already seen Stephanie McMahon claiming her own rights for Smackdown brand, this past week on Raw where Shane was absent from the show. The demand may get stronger from her, day by day. The initial plan is to give Stephanie and Triple H with one brand while Shane will run things in the other one. Furthermore, Triple H is off the TV since Wrestlemania for a reason, as he is supposed to compete in a match at Summerslam and that may very well be against Shane McMahon as a result of the brand split. Well, we just want to say, “Bring on the fight”.