WWE Rumor: Asuka To Remain Undefeated For One More Year

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WWE Rumour: Asuka to Remain Undefeated for One More Year 

WWE Rumour: Asuka to Remain Undefeated for One More Year

The streak possessed by Asuka is hard to believe. Nobody except the Undertaker in the pro-wrestling industry has been able to continue a streak for so long.

Even in the case of the Deadman, it was a yearly match where he used to bring out the very best out of him. But, as for the former NXT Women’s Champion goes, she wins matches on a weekly basis which is why her caliber is considered to be much higher.

Since her debut day in 2015 to till date, Asuka has neither been pinned nor submitted by any female superstar in the WWE. En route to her this dominant run, she overcame records set by the likes of Goldberg, CM Punk, The New Day and more.

At this time, with her each match in the WWE, she is setting up new records.

By virtue of this incredible run, the officials are planning to do something much bigger at next year’s Wrestlemania event. For now, Asuka is scheduled to face Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown women’s championship at Wrestlemania 34. According to the reports from wrestlingnews.co, she would definitely go ‘over’ the reigning champion and win the match.


Aftermath, the Empress of Tomorrow would start a Brock Lesnar-kind reign. It means she would not lose the championship until next year’s Wrestlemania. So, another one year will be added to her resume as an undefeated superstar. The same might be followed for Ronda Rousey, as well who would continue her streak only to set up a big clash on the grandest stage of them all, next year.

Check out the updates from the source, here,

“If Asuka is protected and they do a good job at keeping Rousey special then Rousey vs Asuka could be the main event at next year’s show. We’re a long way away from Mania 35 in NY/NJ, but there are definitely plans in the direction of Asuka vs Rousey. It’s also a match they could do at SummerSlam, but it seems like it would make more sense to hold it off as a Mania “dream match.”


The only thing that might prohibit this match is the fact that Asuka will show up every week on WWE TV and will continuously win matches unlike Brock Lesnar or Ronda Rousey who shows up as part-timers.

This might make things stale and predictive. In that case, the officials will think to prepone this match at Summerslam, definitely.

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